UFC/MMA News: Gina Carano still open to a possible return to Mixed Martial Arts

Will Gina Carano ever make a grand return to MMA?
Will Gina Carano ever make a grand return to MMA?

What’s the story?

Recently speaking on the Top Turtle MMA podcast, Strikeforce MMA fighter Gina Carano stated that she is still open to a possible comeback to the MMA world and isn’t refusing to rule out a possible comeback to the octagon.

In case you didn’t know…

Considered as one of the fiercest female fighters of all time, 35-year-old Gina Carano has had one of the most decorated, yet short careers in Mixed Martial Arts history. Making her debut in 2006, Carano had fought a total of eight fights throughout her three-year career and out of those eight bouts, Carano managed to successfully win seven of them, losing just one.

In April of 2014, during an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, Carano stated that she was considering a return to MMA and according to plans, she was also slated to face-off against Ronda Rousey in December of 2014, however, that fight was never materialized.

The heart of the matter

During her latest interview with Top Turtle MMA, Gina Carano said that not a single day goes by when she is not on the treadmill and she is not punching or kicking someone in her head.

“I worked with some of those girls at a point. I fought Cris. I work with some of those girls now. I still train.”

Carano also added, that the idea of the returning to the MMA cage has always been playing around in her mind and she apparently cannot get through a workout without having the thought of returning to the sport of MMA.

Lastly, Carano also said that if she ever returns to MMA then it is definitely not going to be for the money or the attention and she would rather do it for herself.

“I would really have to do it for myself and to see if I wanted it and had it in me to push myself there again. That’d be the only reason I’d ever want to do that again.”

What’s next?

Gina Carano is currently focusing on her Television and film career, she has also recently appeared on the Fast and Furious movie franchise and has also played a lead role in the 2016 Deadpool movie.

Author’s Take

A return to MMA for Gina Carano is definitely going to be groundbreaking and personally, I feel that it will be the perfect opportunity for Dana White and the UFC to sign Gina Carano to the promotion.

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