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UFC News: Anthony Smith gives a huge update on his next fight and return

R. Nath
04 Dec 2019, 17:09 IST

UFC 235 Jones v Smith
UFC 235 Jones v Smith

Anthony Smith was last seen midway through the year when he defeated Alexander The Mauler Gustafsson. It was a battle between the two men who were defeated by Jon Jones and Smith looked far more convincing against the Swede than he did against Jones.

Smith had some choice words for Corey Anderson recently on Sirius XM, telling him to stop complaining and fight the next major guy to get the title shot against Jon Jones. It seems that Anderson has paid heed to that as he's now set to face Jan Blachowicz in February to earn the title shot.

As for Anthony Smith, he's probably a couple of wins away at the very least from getting a crack at the Light Heavyweight Championship of the world and he took to Sirius XM to provide an update on his return. (H/T

“We got some things in the works that I imagine that here in the next week, we’re going to have some news for you guys

He seemed to hint that he's already found an opponent but just needs to work out where they're going to fight:

“It’s not an opponent problem, it’s a venue problem. Opponent is locked in, it’s location [still being worked on].”

Smith even gave his opinion on the rematch between Corey Anderson and Jan Blachowicz. He said that both men were offered fights against him in the last two-and-a-half weeks but turned it down. He said that while he understands Blachowicz turning him down to get his win back over Anderson, he didn't feel the same for the latter, calling him a coward:

“Corey Anderson is a coward. He had every opportunity in the world, he begged me for a fight when I already was matched with Jon Jones, after he beat Latifi. He was constantly talking shit, constantly calling me a middleweight that I’m not a real light heavyweight, all the trash talk we’ve already gone over.

Smith doesn't seem to be happy over Anderson declining his fight but it seems like a meeting between the two is inevitable if Anderson loses either of his next two fights.

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