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UFC News: Conor McGregor says, "History is on the horizon"

364   //    08 Nov 2016, 12:41 IST

Conor McGregor took questions from the media during the recent conference call

We’re just one week away from the historic UFC 205 card, which will feature three title fights! The headline bout will pit two champions against each other, as Conor McGregor looks to create history, by becoming the first-ever UFC fighter to hold two championships, in two different weight classes, at the same time.

However, he will go up against Eddie Alvarez – former Bellator MMA world champion, who came to the UFC and has won the 155-pound strap. Alvarez is known for his durability, and will undoubtedly prove to be a tough opponent for Conor.

While Conor will be moving up from his original weight class, he will find himself in a familiar territory at 155. There have also been rumours about Conor taking time off, after UFC 205 - an idea he dismissed during the recent UFC 205 media conference call.

I had the opportunity to dial in and ask Conor a few questions, including his thoughts on the fight if the rumours had affected his training camp, in any way, and his predictions for the upcoming fight.

Speculations and rumours are going around about what’s next for you immediately after the fight. Does it make it hard to focus on the fight? Or does it not affect you in any way?

Conor McGregor: You know, it’s never hard for me to focus on this. It’s the entire package; you know what I mean? It comes with it. I remain focused; I remain motivated. And that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. That’s why we are where we are. So, no, it has not been hard for me to stay focused and stay motivated. History is on the horizon.

Eddie is a durable fighter and has been stopped only once in his entire career by strikes. What do you make of Eddie’s durability in lasting throughout the fight?

CM: Yeah, I like his durability. I know he gets badly hurt in fights. I know he’s been dropped many times, but he keeps going, so I look forward to that. And, that will happen in the contest. He’ll get dropped; he’ll be half out, and he’ll be in survival mode.


Then, I’m just going to butcher him and punish him, and not let him out of there. So, that’s what I see happening.

You’ve been the money man for the UFC for the past couple of years. What is your take on the historic NY card? And do you have any predictions for the fight?

CM: It’s a historic moment. Being here is great. It’s great to do this. It’s great to bring the game to the new level. It’s great to lead the way here in New York City. The Irish have a strong history in New York and the East Coast, so I’m happy to be here. I’m putting on a show for the fans.

As far as the prediction - I hope — I believe first round; I believe - I know he’s durable, but I don’t believe he’s been hit by anybody like me. I don’t believe he will survive. If he does survive and be in that survival mode, then I’m going to toy with him.

Then I’m going to rearrange his face for his words that he is speaking right now. But I still can’t see him lasting one round.

Eddie Alvarez: I’ll say whatever I want, and on the night of the fight, I’ll do whatever I want. You ain’t doing sh*t.

Conor McGregor: We’ll see.

You can listen to the entire media conference call below, the questions cited in this piece begin at 24:00.

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