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UFC News: Daniel Cormier compares Conor McGregor to Stone Cold

Adithya Pai
390   //    25 Oct 2016, 20:12 IST
Stone Cold of UFC!

Conor McGregor is the modern version of a trash talker who doesn't back down from confrontation. Often compared to Muhammad Ali, The Notorious one makes use of every opportunity to bash his foe every single time.

This is seen in another world parallel to combat sports; that is pro-wrestling, which involves less reality and more drama. UFC Light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier who is a pro-wrestling fan compared McGregor to the iconic badass WWE legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

DC has often spoken about his love and enthusiasm for pro-wrestling often having an opinion on the WWE programs and its superstars. He compared McGregor’s outspoken persona to Stone Cold’s heel persona that is simply adored.

Cormier expressed his thoughts to TSN in Canada while promoting his upcoming fight at UFC 206 in Toronto:

“He brings more eyes. I think he's the anti-hero. He is 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin from 2000. The guy that you're kind of supposed to root against but you want to root for. Everything that he does before would have gotten people to boo you, but they've taken to it. It's something different than what they're used to seeing that people love it. I think it's fun."

 McGregor has clearly portrayed himself in the same array that of the Rattle Snake but clearly it’s not possible for him to turn as wild as Austin, that would involve ‘stunning’ the boss.

The Notorious one has lived up to his nickname and fallen into similar patterns in comparison to Stone Cold who went against the company several times. 

The featherweight’s popularity and income has set fire to the UFC roster, which was less likely when Stone Cold was at the top of his game. However, in a real sport like MMA, one can’t expect other fighters not to envy the promotional success and feats the Irish superstar has conquered.

Fellow UFC fighter Donald Cerrone has said that none of the UFC fighters ‘like’ McGregor. But the show that he puts on, which entertains the fans, simply makes any pro-wrestling enthusiast like Cormier compare The Notorious with Stone Cold. 

"There is a Conor within in his character, and there is a Conor outside of his character," Cormier continued. "The Conor outside of his character is a little bit different. As it's grown, as the character has grown they are starting to merge a little bit but with us, the fighters, I think he still knows how to separate."

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