UFC News: Daniel Cormier says he has to fight Jon Jones, despite PED issues

Cormier desperate for Jones fight

What’s the story?

Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier has suggested he would be willing to face Jon Jones in 2017, once the former Champion returns to the cage following his suspension for doping.

Speaking to Colin Cowherd on the show Herd, Cormier claims he would be willing to step into the Octagon to face Jones again, regardless of if Bones is juicing and more importantly for the current Champion to redeem himself.

In case you didn’t know...

Jones and Cormier have been trading barbs ever since UFC 182, where Jones successfully defended his title again Cormier. A rematch between the two was scheduled as the main event for UFC 197 and for UFC 200.

However, Cormier pulled from UFC 197 due to an injury he sustained during training, while Jones was pulled from the UFC 200 card due to a PED incident, where he tested positive for an oestrogen blocker.

The heart of the matter

Cormier was to face Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson and defend his belt at UFC 206 but pulled out yet again due to an injury. With Jones having almost served his suspension since July of last year, he will be allowed to step back into the Octagon post-July.

Speaking on the matter on the Herd, Daniel Cormier said,

“My life and career would not be okay if I had to walk away and not share the Octagon with that man again.”

When Colin Cowherd asked Cormier if he would fight Jones if he was caught doping again, the champion replied:

“I’d fight him. If that was the case before, then the guy that I’m fighting next time is not going to be the same guy I saw the first time because of USADA and the drug testing that we are under now. But you know what, Colin, yes I would fight him. It doesn’t matter. I have to get the competitor in me and my belief in my coaches and my skill — I have to get that back.”

What’s next?

As Cormier nurses himself back to fitness, Jones four months out from serving his suspension and Rumble Johnson waiting in the wings patiently, the UFC Light heavyweight division is back on notice, with a few giant matchups very possible in the near future.

Sportskeeda’s take

The Light Heavyweight division has been on the back burner with the controversy surrounding the main athletes over the last year. However, come July, the main attractions from the division, along with a few upcoming talented fighters on the roster will be eager to put on a show and spin the so-called ageing division, back into life.

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