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UFC News: Derrick Lewis explains why he took off his pants after his UFC 229 fight

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UFC 229: Lewis v Volkov
UFC 229: Lewis v Volkov

What's the story?

UFC 229 was a fantastic show, but one that was overshadowed by the events following the main event of the Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight. Things went off the rail fast, and in doing so, many of the other happenings on the main card got overlooked.

Derrick Lewis talked about his own fight following the pay-per-view, where he addressed one of the major incidents that had fans talking about his fight; why did Derrick Lewis take off his pants immediately after his bout?

Thanks to MMA Fighting for the heads up.

In case you didn't know...

In a fight where Lewis did not look to good to start off with, Alexander Volkov had dominated proceedings. The Russian Fighter had gotten in several hard hits, leaving Lewis reeling, as he won both the first and the second round.

It was in the third round, where Lewis appeared to absorb an unlimited amount of punishment, that things changed. The change came in the absolute last seconds of the fight. With 20 seconds to go, Lewis hit Volkov with a devastating haymaker, which saw the Russian's mouthpiece fly out before he was hit again and again. Derrick Lewis knocked out Volkov, winning the bout with 10 seconds to go, in a thrilling comeback victory.

However, it is what happened after this, which left fans with their mouths agape. He took off his pants, standing in his underwear instead, after the fight, reducing the audience to tears laughing, while the UFC officials looked scandalized.

The heart of the matter

When Lewis was asked why he took off his pants in the post-fight interview by Joe Rogan, he said, "My b***s are hot."

While talking about his fight in an interview, Derrick Lewis' reason for taking off his pants.

"I really had an orgasm, that's one reason I took my shorts off. It felt good."

He revealed that he had to put his shorts back on because one of the 'short fat guys' told him to that it was necessary.

What's next?

Derrick Lewis said that he was not ready for a title fight, as he could hardly go three rounds, let around five. He revealed he had to up his training.

He also addressed comments by Curtis Blaydes, saying that Blaydes wanted a fight with him, but did not show any keenness to engage with Curtis.

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