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UFC News: Family of late MMA camp owner aggrieved by Colby Covington's comments

Anwesha Nag
04 Dec 2019, 20:04 IST

Colby Covington
Colby Covington

Staying true to his MMA nickname, Colby Covington is known for making quite a bit of 'Chaos' whenever he speaks in public. His reputation as a trash talker often tends to precede his fighting abilities.

But he has recently crossed the line with his insults according to one particular family, who reached out to MMA Junkie to make their discontentment known.

Covington's trash talk spares not even the dead

Covington recently brought up the late founder of Blackzilians, Glenn Robinson, in connection to his UFC 245 clash with Kamaru Usman. The Welterweight Champion trained with the Blackzilians for most of his MMA career, and like many great fighters before him, owes much of his success to Robinson.

In a press conference in November, Covington mockingly suggested that Usman was responsible for Robinson's death, saying that he "gave Glenn a heart attack from all those years you were ducking me". He even went on to say that Robinson would be watching their December 14 match "from hell".

Covington's audacity did not sit well with Robinson's daughters, and they felt compelled to speak out in defense of their father's legacy. They accused Covington of being 'hateful' and 'reckless' with his words while speaking of their father, when the grief of his loss is still so new.

"We understand the excitement of building up hype before a fight, but we are sure Colby Covington can get press for his upcoming fight on his own merit and without spewing hateful words towards our father, the founder of the Blackzilians."

The daughters made it clear that they want no part in the war of words, but the statement had to be made.

"It saddens us to even have to make a statement regarding a previous distasteful comment Colby Covington made suggesting our late father, Glenn Robinson, will be watching his upcoming fight from hell... we did not want to make this statement or to breathe more life into someone that truly has no relevance in our lives, but we will always defend our father, his reputation and his name, the one we share proudly."

The other person who was at the receiving end of Covington's jabs, Kamaru Usman, had nothing to say or add fuel to the banter, but only nonchalance to offer. For Usman, the real battle will take place inside the Octagon.

"It doesn't matter. December 14, you're going to be locked in a cage across from me, then you're going to realize (expletive) gets real."
Covington and Usman will be headlining UFC 245 on December 14 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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