UFC News: Former Bellator fighter Cindy Dandois hospitalized with gruesome injuries

Cindy Dandois
Cindy Dandois
Modified 27 Nov 2019

Former UFC, Bellator, and Invicta FC fighter Cindy Dandois had to be hospitalized following an alleged assault by her ex-boyfriend.

Het Laatste News reported that Dandois was attacked by her ex-boyfriend outside her home.

Former UFC fighter Cindy Dandois reportedly assaulted by ex-boyfriend

Cindy Dandois was reportedly assaulted outside her home by a jealous ex-boyfriend. According to reports, the assailant was hiding and waiting for Dandois. He used a key as a weapon, with which he inflicted several facial injuries — a broken nose and a laceration across Dandois' face that needed seven stitches.

Dandois said that she was not prepared for the assault and was taken completely by surprise. She admitted that following the breakup, the ex-boyfriend had been threatening her, but she had never taken the threats seriously.

“Before I knew it, I got slapped in the face. My nose is broken and crooked. There is also a deep cut that was stitched with seven stitches. It will be a scar for life. Hopefully, they will be able to straighten my nose again. I should have taken the threats seriously from the beginning, but always hoped that he would cool down. Not so. ”

She went on to say that it was her MMA training that came to her aid and ensured she did not suffer any further injuries.

You can see the injuries here, but be warned, they are gruesome.

Unfortunately, Dandois' had to pull out of her fight this week following her injuries. However, she hopes to be in shape for her next fight which is scheduled to take place at Fightclub Den Haag on 15th December.

Published 27 Nov 2019
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