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UFC News: Former Women's title contender released by the company; unfortunate reason revealed

Published Aug 15, 2019
Aug 15, 2019 IST

Cat Zingano has been released by the UFC
Cat Zingano has been released by the UFC

Former UFC Women's title contender, Cat Zingano, is no longer a part of the UFC women's roster.

In a piece of shocking breaking news, it appears that Cat Zingano has been released by the UFC.

Cat Zingano released by the UFC

It has been confirmed by Ariel Helwani of ESPN, that UFC Women's Bantamweight Division contender Cat Zingano has been released by the UFC. The release took place on Wednesday.

Cat Zingano reveals the reason for her UFC release

The news of the release of Cat Zingano is a surprise, as she was not on a losing streak and has been an important figure in UFC.

Zingano revealed that there was a reason behind her being released. She said that she was working on a 'project' that she could not put on hold for the moment. As a result, she had to be released from the company.

She revealed that she does plan to continue her career in the Octagon.

"I didn't want to take the ultimatum this time. So I guess you can say it was mutual. I had a project that was very, very important to me, and to the MMA community and fans, and I needed to put me, my son, my training and that first before I had anything to give to the UFC. It's s***ty timing, but it happens, and I'm still a fighter and ready to f*** s*** up." - h/t ESPN

Given that she said she plans to continue fighting, it will be interesting to see if UFC re-sign her at a later date, or if she appears for a different promotion. Also unanswered remains the question, what is this 'project' that Cat Zingano specified that cannot be put on hold.

The MMA world will be watching her.

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