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UFC News: Hall of Famer Matt Hughes settles legal dispute over a tractor with twin brother Mark

Anwesha Nag
70   //    13 Sep 2019, 13:19 IST

Matt Hughes
Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes has agreed to a private settlement of the lawsuit he filed against his twin brother Mark for damaging a tractor they shared together. The decision was made to avoid any physical contact between the two parties, confirmed the attorneys in charge of the dispute.

However, the attorney of one of the two brothers said that there is certainly more than it meets the eyes.

MMA Junkie reported on the matter.

The events that led to the lawsuit

After the Hall of Famer allegedly assaulted his 15-year-old nephew, Mark Hughes dishonored a restraining order that was pulled against him by his twin brother. He caused damage to the shared tractor in retaliation of the attack on his son.

Matt went to court with the matter, but denied any wrongdoing on his part. However, Mark’s attorney, Thomas G. DeVore said that all the issues were settled at once when the two parties came to the agreement.

“Any disputes about property – there was more than a tractor – have been resolved by a comprehensive agreement between the parties.”

Two months later, his estranged wife also accused him of abuse and infidelity, and filed for a restraining order against Matt. He denied the allegation this time as well, blaming his 2017 train accident for all the domestic troubles he had been having.

But he said quite emphatically that he would never hurt a family member in his full conscience.

The Court decides their family’s fate

An injunction was agreed upon by both the brothers where they agreed to stay away from each other and their respective families. But Mark is understanding of the physical repercussions of the accident that his brother is going through, said his attorney DeVore, and that he agrees with his statement of never hurting his family intentionally. He also said that Mark is hopeful about a reconciliation at some point in the future.

“Mark is sensitive to the fact that his brother had this accident, and these behaviors we’ve seen are a product of that. But you still have to protect your family. He’s hoping that down the road he and his brother may be able to have some sort of a relationship at some point and time.”

Matt Hughes, although retired since 2013, made a surprise appearance to a UFC event in May. He was welcomed warmly by the promotion and fans alike.

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