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UFC News: Jose Aldo puts up challenge for Double Champion Henry Cejudo

Anwesha Nag
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:50 IST

Jose Aldo
Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo has been sweating it out to hit the 135-pound mark and the hard work is clearly evident in his physical transformation.

Aldo is confident about reaching the right weight needed to fight in the Bantamweight division next and he is looking forward to a contest with double-champion Henry Cejudo. In an interview with reporters in Rio de Janeiro on Monday, the 33-year-old Brazilian revealed his plans for his next fight.

MMA Fighting reported on the matter.

Aldo wants Cejudo to sign the contract

It is apparent now that ‘Junior’ was not joking about dropping a class since according to Aldo, this is the first time in his life that he is on a diet.

“I’m on a diet for a month and my weight is dropping just fine. I’m training as hard as I’ve ever trained in my life, so I wouldn’t suffer to make featherweight now. My weight is going down well.”

Aldo was already talking about dropping to Bantamweight when Henry Cejudo made a comment last month in his usual ‘cringe’ manner about taking Aldo down. “Jose Aldo can drop down all he wants. He’s going to bend the knee to ‘Triple C,’ too,” Cejudo said.

But Aldo is not buying into any of Cejudo’s trash talks and he will only be convinced when the latter signs a contract for a fight with him, or any of the other fighters he claims he can beat. Personally, Aldo is ready to fight anyone that UFC books for him next in the 135-pound weight class.

“No doubt I’m fighting at 135 next, I’m just waiting for (Henry) Cejudo to decide if he’s going to fight or not. If it’s not against him, I have no problem (fighting) anyone else. I’m asking ‘Dede’ (Pederneiras) every day, texting and terrorizing Dana (White). This f***** should at least come out of the bushes, you either fight or you don’t. All he does is talk that he wants to fight, this internet talk, but that’s easy. I wanna see you sign the contract to show you’re a real man and fight me or anyone else.”

Aldo is determined to pose a real threat to Cejudo and his title reign, and he is positive about ‘landing a knee and knocking him out’ as soon as he gets the chance. Coming off from a decision loss against Alexander Volkanovski in May, he is eyeing the UFC 245 pay-per-view in Las Vegas on December 14 to land a Bantamweight bout.


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Published 23 Oct 2019, 14:15 IST
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