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UFC News: Jose Aldo's training partner reveals 2 ways the Brazilian will surprise fans at Bantamweight

R. Nath
Published Nov 27, 2019
Nov 27, 2019 IST

UFC 237: Aldo v Volkanovski
UFC 237: Aldo v Volkanovski

Jose Aldo surprised MMA fans around the world when he revealed that he was planning a move down to bantamweight. There had been many instances where he struggled with a weight cut even at 145, so to cut an extra ten pounds seemed unfathomable.

However, when the diet and training are done right, it can be different and it seems as though Aldo has made a smooth transition into 135. He's set to make his bantamweight debut as he takes on the last man to challenge for the UFC 135-pound title Marlon Moraes.

It'll be a clash of two Brazilians and it's going to be interesting to see how Aldo adjusts in a weight class below. It's often a difficult move to transition into a different weight class altogether, but if done right, it can work wonders. Aldo's training partner Eduardo Dantes told reporters in a media day recently that Aldo currently weighs 150 and has scary punching power (H/T MMAFighting):

“He’s training hard every morning. He’s very focused,” Dantes said. “He was one of the fighters in a sparring session on Tuesday, helping guys that are about to fight, and he sparred with a 135-pounder and a 177-pounder.

Dantes said that he's going to take people by surprise at bantamweight

He’s faster now but with the same punching power, so he’s way more dangerous. He’s kicking hard and landing heavy punches. He’ll surprise everyone with his speed and punching power at bantamweight.

He said that he saw Aldo fighting a 177-pounder and he hit him hard enough that his sparring partner was forced to shoot for the takedown. He also said that he'd bet all his chips on Aldo. He praised Marlon Moraes, who he has also trained with, stating that he's very explosive with his right hand and left kicks and thus quite dangerous.

He told the media to expect "fireworks" from this fight and believes that Aldo's Championship experience will be the difference between the two men.

Modified Dec 21, 2019
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