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UFC News: Kron Gracie on why he wants to face Urijah Faber despite pact with Diaz Brothers

R. Nath
136   //    11 Oct 2019, 18:11 IST

Kron Gracie
Kron Gracie

Kron Gracie (5-0) is all set to have the biggest challenge of his career just six fights in. He will be taking on former Top 5 Featherweight Cub Swanson in what the latter has admitted was set up as a "stepping stone" for Gracie.

Naturally, having that last name means that UFC will instantly get behind him from a promotional perspective and they will be hoping that a star emerges in the upcoming event UFC on ESPN+ 19.

He will be co-main eventing the Fight Night and it's a huge step up in competition for him. When speaking to MMA Junkie, he revealed the pact between the Diaz Brothers and Urijah Faber's Team - one that stated that they would never fight each other's teammates.

It's a pact that hasn't been broken, but Kron Gracie frustratingly revealed that he might have to do that and it's because of Faber.

"I'm still mad"

Gracie went into depth with MMA Junkie about the pact between Urijah Faber's team and The Diaz Brothers, saying that Urijah Faber wanting to fight him changed everything:

"Again, this is the loyalty part I’m talking about, which is very rare today. Nick and Urijah had a deal to not fight each other’s teams for a long time. This was in the beginning of their fight, so I don’t know maybe Urijah kind of forgot about that. And since he’s got new fighters and new things, he’s not really too concerned with what kind of … they basically don’t fight each other. Nick Diaz guys, Nate Diaz guys don’t fight Urijah Faber guys, and I’m part of Nick’s team.”

He said that he declined the fight initially because he didn't want to make anybody from either team feel weird.

"I was kind of like it’s not an interesting fight for me, but if he keeps calling my name and keeps talking (expletive), and he keeps wanting the fight, I mean I’m not going to not fight him if he’s attacking me, you know?"

He revealed that he's still mad at Faber and doesn't share a relationship with him. If he does beat Cub Swanson, one would imagine that UFC might set up a huge bout against Faber.

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