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UFC News: Nate Diaz didn't get a ticket for UFC 205

Adithya Pai
365   //    18 Nov 2016, 19:30 IST
Nate Diaz not on the UFC’s VIP list.

It’s not even been a week since Conor McGregor dismantled Eddie Alvarez with a second round knockout victory, and talks of a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz for the title have already erupted. However, according to Nate Diaz, to avoid any promotion of a third fight with McGregor, the UFC didn’t give him a ticket for UFC 205.

Here’s what the Stockton native had to say, during an interview with ESPN’s Bret Okamoto:

“The UFC didn’t even want to give me tickets to (UFC 205). “I think they wanted to put this picture of him on with the belts, (like it’s) the greatest thing that ever happened. I think they wanted to keep me out of the mix and hide me out of the whole thing. It might have been in [McGregor’s] contract, you know, ‘don’t let Nate Diaz in here.'”

“The UFC knows [the third fight] is a bad idea for him. I didn’t get no tickets for that fight [UFC 205], you know? That was crazy. I’ll leave him alone. I don’t even want to fight the guy, just let me get a seat. We got into the fights with some other people we know,” Diaz continued.

“I think they gave Nick Jonas my seat,” he added. According to Diaz the UFC wanted him out of the picture so that spectators could completely concentrate on McGregor’s glory. 

“People will question me like ‘hey, when are you going to do fight number three? Do you want number three, do you want number three?’ and I’m like ‘of course, if I want to do anything, what I want is a third fight.”

According to Diaz, fans are desperate for a third fight. After both the events, he headlined with Mcgregor topped the greatest all-time pay-per-view records. But according to him, UFC is much interested in promoting McGregor as ‘the man’, rather than a final showdown.

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