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UFC News: Woodley says McGregor didn't mention anything about fighting for the welterweight title when questioned

Adithya Pai
270   //    18 Nov 2016, 20:53 IST
T-wood still stays strong.

Conor McGregor and Tyron Woodley had a bit of an altercation after UFC 205 weigh-ins.

The initial exchange was nothing serious, but later McGregor tried to take a shot at the welterweight champ via Twitter. According to Woodley, despite The Notorious one claiming that he would come after ‘all the belts’, he didn’t respond to ‘T-wood’ when he asked ‘what belt’.

“Before that video came out (video of the altercation between Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor), at the press conference he said ‘I’ll take all of those belts over there!’. So I said ‘What belts?’, Woodley said, as per the reports of “And then he was quiet and didn’t say much.”

“Never once would he mention my belt. He never would mention fighting for the welterweight title. He just danced around the subject. He never once would say ‘I will fight Tyron Woodley’. Or ‘I will take his belt’. He started planting those seeds later. I saw him doing it and was like ‘Hell yeah! I’ll plant those seeds with you.'”

Woodley says that McGregor was only trying to lure him into a situation, where he would be tempted to react to The Notorious one. However, Woodley didn’t entertain that. McGregor says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Woodley would challenge him to a match ‘as they all would’.

The welterweight champ states that he would be open for a match with McGregor, but according to him, the Irishman is way out of his league. Woodley had warned The Notorious one to stay out of the Welterweight division and stated that he would feel sad for him if McGregor attempts to fight for the welterweight title. 

Tyron Woodley surprised the fans when he revealed that he had offered to lend his belt to McGregor, so he could celebrate his win with two titles as his featherweight belt was missing after his match with Eddie Alvarez. So McGregor literally held his new lightweight belt and Woodley’s welterweight belt. 

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