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UFC/MMA News: Update on Jose Aldo's future with UFC

801   //    04 Jan 2018, 15:37 IST

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor
One of the greatest featherweights of all time.

It may very well seem UFC featherweight Jose Aldo is looking to be on his way out of the promotion, according to his coach, Andre Pederneiras.

According to MMAMania, Pederneiras claims that Aldo is looking to get out of his contract with the UFC as soon as possible. Pederneiras further explained that Aldo has become less motivated when he was apparently denied by the UFC to have a boxing match, despite Conor McGregor getting permission to box Floyd Mayweather.

He said, "He asked to fight boxing, Dana denied and, later, Conor was fighting boxing," Pederneiras explained. "He did not have the thought he thought he might have. Months before he asked, the answer was no. Months later, Conor manages to fight in boxing without a problem and the UFC allowed it. Of course, he has a lot of money involved and in his [Aldo’s] fight he would not, but not everything in life is money. He became quite unmotivated.”

“We’re still talking to see how much he wants to keep fighting or not. I think Aldo’s career is a career that nobody can talk badly about. He can do whatever he wants. To retire, to continue, to make a super-fight. He is thinking. He is a guy who has managed to make a lot of money over the course of his career and he can retire today without depending on anyone. He will never go hungry in his life. He invested his money, he knew how to save it," Pederneiras continued.

He concluded by saying, “I’ve never heard him talk about stopping. I think Aldo has been at it for a long time, in a very continuous time. I think Aldo could take a vacation and feel that motivation to return. I already talked to him, but he wants to end the UFC contract as soon as possible.”

It's worth noting that Aldo has lost three out of his four last fights in the UFC since his defeat to Conor McGregor at UFC 194. With very little success since that bout, it's not surprising that Aldo may want to look for another endeavour if he felt unmotivated.

Keep in mind that Aldo is only 31 years old and it may look as if he will still continue to be active when it comes to fighting in general. However, as his current deal with UFC is still in effect, it's unknown if the Brazillian will ever find the success he once had when he was an unconquerable featherweight champion.

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