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Why UFC 249 shouldn't happen on private island

  • The UFC is being short sided to stay on a we fight now course
  • Dana White announces the brand new UFC 249 card and other news
Modified 07 Apr 2020, 09:39 IST

UFC President Dana White
UFC President Dana White

With MMA fans seemingly ready to burst with anticipation, UFC President Dana White managed to keep his word this time. To an extent.

Via the UFC's social media, he announced the newly made UFC 249 fight card. And didn't stop there. He also announced that a Marvin Vettori vs Karl Roberson fight will go down in the same venue in the following week. Where that is, is anyone's guess right now.

When fighter's have been asked what's the location they've all remained tight lipped. Most likely under direct orders from the boss. So with UFC fans ready to apparently party and break the social distancing rules of the world right now; let's look at why this is bad news.

First and foremost; this WORLD-WIDE PANDEMIC is not close to being eradicated from the planet yet. We haven't yet taken the 1st steps on this yellow brick road as of now. To have an event in times like this puts lives on the line. There is a reason every other sport has taken a hiatus for the time being.

As a matter of fact the majority of sports teams owners are paying arena employees during this time. Something they obviously don't have to. It's just morally correct. Whether you think MMA fighters should unionize or stay "independent contractors" doesn't matter. They are being made to jump through the hoop for money like a monkey with drums. Because that is the way the MMA fighters get paid.

Testing for the coronavirus world wide is hard to come by especially with hospitals being inundated. So will UFC fighters, trainers, sparring partners, referees, judges, staff all be tested; and tested every day while countless people across the globe are desperate to be tested? Before you say "just test them once"; well, they can be asymptomatic and can easily pass the virus to those with weakened immune systems. No symptoms for a week then boom, it has you.

There was always the fear way back in the mind of mixed martial arts promoters of what if a fighter god forbid died in the cage. The lawsuits would flow like the Mississippi River. Well, what if an asymptomatic UFC employee flies home from wherever these cards take place and his family gets the disease, and god forbid, someone passes away? As much as there is blood lust in this world, there exists a need for accountability. You can bet they would hold the company responsible in the end.

Look, are there amazing fights here? Absolutely. But to do this now is beyond short sighted. When you take an ego-manic (not necessarily a bad quality) like Dana, and a money 1st company like WME/Endeavor it's a toxic mix.

Another issue is sometimes after fights, combatants have to go to the hospitals. Well they are all overwhelmed in the US if not the world. If you don't think a fight with Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje is going to have at least 1 guy needing a trip to the ER, you have never watched MMA. So does it really make sense to take away medical staff from those who are in a life and death battle to deal with some bad cuts? Adding stress to the medical community is something nobody needs right now.


And finally, with unemployment higher around the globe now than ever, who has the excess money to throw down for a pay-per-view? Let's see; buy groceries, or a UFC ppv. The numbers the UFC is desperate for won't be there at all.

Dana announced on TMZ he's securing a private island and a facility is being built. Well unless it looks like the scene beach scene in Mortal Kombat, that as well opens a Pandora's Box of issues.

This is just bad, real bad right now. Are we all going crazy about the ongoing pandemic right now? Yes, but there will be another time to do all this; at least we can hope there will be. But that time is absolutely not now.

Published 07 Apr 2020, 09:39 IST
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