5 times Brock Lesnar was considered an underdog heading into a match

The “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar
Sammy Sheeran

Brock Lesnar, without a doubt, has had one of the most successful careers in the world of fighting. Whether it is in the MMA octagon or in the WWE’s squared circle, he has been on the top of the mountain and is a must see attraction every time he steps into either arena.Β 

He is considered as a freak of nature considering his sheer size and agility and this has helped him jump to great heights in both worlds of fighting. When looking at him for the first time it’s hard to believe he could ever be considered an underdog walking into a match, but believe it or not he has.

Here we take a look at 5 times Brock Lesnar was an underdog walking into a bout.

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