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Controversial end to CM Punk interview

Omkar Sohoni
1.51K   //    06 Feb 2016, 14:40 IST
Controversial as always

– CM Punk, the self-professed best in the world is very close to what he actually brags. CM Punk has attained a godly status with some of the WWE fans due to his exemplary work. Punk is still the longest reigning WWE Champion but had a fall out with the company that lead to his unceremonious exit.

Punk has managed to transition from Wrestling to MMA and spoke with Kevin Wong of Complex Magazine that ended quite awkwardly.

When Wong asked Punk about WWE, he said that he has achieved everything that there was to during his time in the WWE and added that he does not feel like speaking about it again.

Punk was also asked about his MMA prospects and the areas he was looking forward to improve on. CM Punk, who is extremely witty, answered after calling the question a boring one and said that there is no specific area that one improves every day, but that he works on all aspects such as his defence, his striking, his wrestling ability altogether.

He said that you have to work on everything as you are being judged by three people who see what others miss out on.

The interview ended quite controversially when Punk was asked if he was intimidated to make the transition to MMA from wrestling. Punk stopped the interview after the question and informed that he would never speak with the reporter again.

This is what Punk had to say:

“I get this question a lot, and it’s like you guys think I’m an idiot. Like I didn’t know MMA wasn’t pre-determined or something like that. Your question is insulting. You’re asking me if I know the difference between the WWE and the UFC? 

I don’t justify stupidity with an answer. I don’t give a s**t what anybody thinks of me, whether I’m going to fight or not. I know what I’m going to do. If I did anything in my life based on someone’s negative opinion on me, I would never f*****g leave my house. My fans are people who don’t tweet negative s**t at me.”

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