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5 Possible opponents for Brock Lesnar at UFC 200

A list of 5 realistic opponents plus a not-so-realistic one for the Beast at UFC 200

Brock Lesnar will return to the octagon at UFC 200

The UFC dropped a bombshell during UFC 199 by revealing the return of a former champion while screening UFC 200 trailer. Brock Lesnar will enter the octagon one more time. But his opponent is yet to be announced.

While he still remains under contract with the WWE, Brock has been granted an opportunity to have one more fight in the UFC at what seems to be the biggest MMA event of the year so far.

Lesnar’s UFC deal involves the WWE as he cannot compete in the UFC without the WWE's permission. Upon his return the PPV buys for the event will definitely shoot up. Brock Lesnar still holds the record for being responsible for the highest PPV buys with a mind-boggling 1,600,000 buys at UFC 100 when he successfully defended his title against Frank Mir. But the question still remains who will the Beast face next. There have been a few fighters who could possibly fill the blank:

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