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WWE/MMA News: Brock Lesnar responds to Stephanie's comments about his UFC return

8.66K   //    01 Jul 2016, 13:43 IST
Can the Beast conquer the Octagon once more?

In a recent media call to promote his return to the Octagon, Brock Lesnar responded to Stephanie McMahon’s comments on his UFC return and talked about hi WWE drawing power and more. Here are the highlights of the interview.

On Stephanie McMahon saying WWE was "not supporting the fight necessarily":

"I don't know, I don't care what she says."

On how a loss might affect his WWE drawing power:

"I really don't give a s--t."

On returning to The Octagon for himself:

"This isn't about my fans. This is about me living my life, being the person that I want to be. Granted, without the fans and everything, none of us would be able to do this. I get that. But I don't sit up at night wondering is my drawing power gonna be hurt or are my WWE fans gonna tune in and watch me do this. I don't give two sh*ts about that. This is about me. I want to get in there and be an athlete again. That's what this is about."

On possibly doing another fight and how his current camp is going:

"I don't know, I feel really good. Training camp is going great. I'm happy. I'm happy with my life. I'm happy with everything. Since I left the Octagon after I got beat by Overeem and kind of forced out of the cage because of my illness it haunted me for a long time. Well, what do you do? Well, here I am. And before it's too late, I want to get back in the cage and have fun with it."

Brock Lesnar will be going head to head with Mark Hunt in his return fight at UFC 200. The fight is touted to be the ideal striker vs  graphler match and as things stand right now, Brock is in for one big fight.

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