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WWE/MMA News: Brock Lesnar on Vince McMahon, his return to the Octagon and Hunt

Adithya Pai
3.40K   //    07 Jul 2016, 18:24 IST
Lesnar says he isn’t scared of Hunt

The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar spoke his mind out with Megan Olivi about his upcoming return to the Octagon this week at UFC 200. The superstar expressed his confidence about his now three-round main-event fight with Mark Hunt in the biggest UFC event.

Lesnar talked about having a smoother discussion about his contracts and how the right people were involved in understanding what he wanted. Hence, he says it was not at all complicated. Further on, he expressed the mutual respect between him and Vince McMahon and also feels that the WWE chairman has greater respect for the former WWE Champion after he went on to become the UFC Champion. He also shared the fact that Vince knows it’s comfortable to work with a happy Brock Lesnar.

When the question about his fight was brought up, he said that Hunt can be brought down despite being a heavy striker. The Beast said that he will be looking for a knockout victory over the Super Samoan and has visualised it a million times in his head. Lesnar says he isn’t scared of getting hit by Hunt.

Lesnar also opened up a little about his life in Canada. Being a family man, he says his family comes first. He revealed that he wants to raise his kids in a simple manner just like how he was brought up. He also said that he wants his kids to know what hard work is and wants them to strive like he did. He says his family is supportive of his return to the octagon. 

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