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WWE/MMA News: Mark Hunt threatens to quit the UFC if he isn't awarded half of Lesnar's purse

Sudhir Bose
14.81K   //    16 Jul 2016, 12:18 IST
No two ways about it

The whole MMA community looked up from their daily groove to find that a storm that seemed galactically distant had arrived on their doorstep. Brock Lesnar was today notified of a “potential” doping violation by USADA, stunning the MMA world.

Mark Hunt’s matter-of-fact opinion before the bout at UFC 200 proved prophetic as it looks more and more like Lesnar’s gills will be his downfall, having caught the unwanted attention of the watchdog. The Super Samoan didn’t mask his feelings about Lesnar getting an exemption from USADA’s four-month role. 

The 42-year-old, who is the 9th ranked Heavyweight in the world, lashed out at the UFC, saying, “They say they are trying to clean up the sport, but it doesn't feel like it. The UFC is basically saying if you cheat you won't be penalised.”

Hunt spelled it out for UFC President Dana White, saying he’d ask for his release if he wasn’t placated with half of Lesnar’s purse: “This is the third time I've had to fight a cheater in my career. The other two times I didn't ask for compensation, but this is the third time and I'm sick of them getting away with cheating. I've told Dana that I want a release from the UFC if they don't sort this out.”

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