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WWE/MMA Rumors: Brock Lesnar drug tested 5 times ahead of UFC return

USADA may have exempted Lesnar from its four-month rule, but they are making up for it now

No special treatment

It appears as though the USADA is living upto its claim of scrutinizing on suspected PED offenders  – according to Wrestling Observer, Brock Lesnar has been put under the scanner no less than five times since his return to the UFC was announced.

The decision broke the IWC and the MMA community and is arguably one of the biggest fights this year, solely by Brock Lesnar’s star power. Lesnar was exempted from USADA’s four month rule, which dictates that any fighter wishing to or booked to fight must give written notice to the watchdog that many months prior to the fight.

The former UFC and WWE World Heavyweight Champion was however, tested the week the fight was announced. The results haven’t been announced and Brock Lesnar has never tested positive for banned substances in his MMA career.

Lesnar’s opponent Mark Hunt didn’t take kindly to USADA’s exemption, saying he was “probably juiced to the gills” and that if he was given a pass, so should every fighter in the UFC. Though an exact figure or even an estimate hasn’t been reported, there is rife speculation that Lesnar’s payday for the mega-event is the highest in the history of the UFC.

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