WWE/UFC News: Brock Lesnar still suspended by NSAC until he pays off pricey fine

Lesnar might have to use some of his money from WWE in order to fight in Nevada.
Lesnar might have to use some of his money from WWE in order to fight in Nevada.

What's the story?

Brock Lesnar has been playing the UFC and WWE against each other in order to secure huge contracts from both. Well, it appears that if he wants to fight in Las Vegas any time soon, he's going to have to use some of that money he's squeezed out of both companies in order to grace the octagon once again. carried a report from MMA Weekly saying that Lesnar will remain suspended by the NSAC until he pays back a $250,000 fine stemming from two failed drug tests that were revealed after his win over Mark Hunt in 2016.

In case you missed it...

Lesnar had been mainly appearing in the WWE from 2013-2016 due to issues with diverticulitis. He had become healthy enough to return to the UFC octagon in 2016, and he did so in time for UFC's 200th show.

He defeated Mark Hunt by unanimous decision at the event, but the decision was overturned after it was revealed to the public that he had failed a pre-fight drug test.

Since 2016, Lesnar has often pitted the UFC and WWE against each other in bidding wars in order to retain his part-time services. He recently revealed that he wanted to return to the UFC but still will be unable to fight in Las Vegas until he pays off his fine.

The heart of the matter recently revealed via MMA Weekly that Lesnar still hasn't paid back the $250,000 fine he owes to the NSAC because of being suspended due to two failed drug tests in relation to his fight with Mark Hunt in 2016.

MMA Weekly interviewed NSAC president Bob Bennett back in July. Since Lesnar has yet to pay his fine, things haven't changed in Bennett's eyes.

β€œ(Lesnar) is still suspended based on his fine,” NSAC executive director Bob Bennett told MMA Weekly back in July. β€œHe is required to pay the fine or set up a payment plan with the Attorney General’s Office (to get cleared from the suspension).”

The report from both sites also mentioned that as of this weekend, he has yet to pay the fine to the NSAC. He will remain suspended indefinitely and won't be licensed to fight again until this fine is paid. Any rumored fight, including one with current UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, is off the table until Lesnar ponies up the money.

Will Cormier get his revenge on Lesnar for his post-match push?
Will Cormier get his revenge on Lesnar for his post-match push?

Cormier says he will retire on his 40th birthday which is this March, putting any potential match for the UFC Heavyweight Championship with Lesnar in jeopardy. Dana White still wants Cormier to fight at least two or three more times, with one of the fights being with Lesnar. It is one of the biggest money fights left in the heavyweight division.

What's next?

First an foremost, if Lesnar wants to fight again in the UFC, he needs to pay the fine. He isn't exempt from rulings like this and shouldn't get the special treatment he does from the WWE. The UFC could technically have Lesnar fight in another state or country, but it could hurt their relationship and license with the NSAC. The UFC usually abides by the NSAC's decisions, but guys like Vitor Belfort have fought elsewhere once they were suspended in the US.

Nevada is the UFC's home and they always try to have the biggest fights in the company in Las Vegas. A Cormier vs. Lesnar fight would certainly be one of the biggest fights in UFC history. Should he refuse to pay the fine, he might be sticking around in the WWE longer than most fans want him to. He's slated to defend the Universal Championship against Braun Strowman at the Royal Rumble.

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