11th Car Rally for Blind 2018 at Bangalore on August 5th.

TSD Rally India

Do you love to go on long drives ? Traffic in Bengaluru an hindrance for the weekend drives? Love to explore new places around the city? Competing in a car race is in your bucket list?

Make your Sunday, the 5th of August 2018 a day to remember for long! Be a part of the 11th Car Rally for the blind-2018 jointly organised by Rotary Bangalore Abilities, Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI).

What's the Race/Rally All About?

Rally is a form of motorsport that takes place on public or private roads in road-legal cars. Unlike racing in the circuit, the driver follows the instructions ( ie. Left, Right, Cautions etc..) given by his co-driver to navigate through the course.

This race is held in Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) format, Which means the instruction from the navigator also contains the speed limits the driver has to maintain. The thrill and excitement of the race is that it’s not entirely dependent on speed.

What are necessary things need to enter this race?

  1. A Car: Any home car, starting from a humble Maruthi 800 could be used.
  2. A Valid Driver License.
  3. Entry fee of Rs. 2750/-

Your Navigator is a celebrity, click as many selfie's as you can!

You get to see the Selfie's and the scenic routes but you navigator is not gifted to enjoy the same.

The blind friend is the navigator who gets the route map on the morning of the rally in Braille. The Driver will not know the route, your navigator reads out the route to be followed. This develops good coordination between the driver and the navigator, a sporting and competitive environment to get an understanding of how a blind person functions and his strengths.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the blind navigator, we will pair you with one. Apart from the fun and excitement, you’ll feel fantastic about working with a blind partner to be a champion in a race. Believe us, no other sporting entertainment can give you the fun and add meaning to a day.

Is this your first time? Do you believe in the quote "Women can drive as good as men"?

Special Categories for first timers, women and the physically challenged.

How do I enter this cool race? How much does it cost? When and Where is it happening?

Registrations: Whatsapp to +91 6361668325

Entry fee: Rs. 2750/-.

Venue: Vega City Mall, No, 172/1, Srinivas Industrial Estate, (Opp Jayadeva circle)

Bannerghatta Road, Dollar Layout, BTM Second Stage, Bengaluru-560072.

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