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The All-Female Racing Team at VLN Endurance Series 

  • The first all-female racing team Giti Angels is ready to conquer the racing world in 2020.
Modified 05 Mar 2020, 06:47 IST

Giti Angels
Giti Angels


Hot off the heels of their debut last year, the All-Female Giti Angels racing team is poised to make an even more robust performance in 2020. The drivers, coach, and crew are all female and are looking to break more ground and make racing history in the new decade. Thus far, they have had more than ten races under their belts in the Nuremberg circuit, including a team win in one of the more recent VLN endurance races. Are there any more wins in their future? Time will undoubtedly tell. 

Debut Of The Giti Angels

 The Giti Angels made their debut on March 23, 2019, during the first VLN Endurance R1 Championship race. Despite the uncooperative weather conditions, their inaugural race resulted in a second-place finish. Using a Volkswagen Golf VII GTI, the team was also responsible for clocking the fastest lap in the race with a time of 9:21.725. 

Recap Of Last Season

Since their debut, they have performed quite well. But taking the top spot on the racing podium had been one of those “close, but not enough moments” for the team. One of their major setbacks was during the grueling, but very intense 24-hour Nurburgring race. The team suffered major engine damage to the vehicle and spent hours fixing the engine. Their perseverance and determination alone had won over many race fans.

During the final race of the year, they clinched their first win during the VLN Endurance R9 championship this past October. The moment came when the Giti Angels were long-running in second for the duration of the race. But the leading car appeared to have some trouble. According to one of their crew members, it was the perfect moment to strike and capture the lead.

Because of their strong showing throughout much of the season, the Giti Angels finished 36th overall out of 162 cars across the board. For their debut season, they appear hungry for more and ready to take on the track known as the “Green Hell” once again.

The Team

The Giti Angels team comprises of the following members: Ronja Assmann, Jasmin Preisg, and Carrie Schreiner. The captain of the team is Ellen Lehmann, who also serves at the team chief. Nicole Willems served as the team’s managers. In the upcoming 2020 season, Schreiner is expected to return along with two new drivers: Celia Martin and Laura Kraihammer. The team will be competing in the 2020 VLN Endurance series which starts March 21.

About The Nurburgring Circuit

The Nurburgring Circuit is located in Nurburg, Germany. The track was opened in the 1920s and has seen a lot of races in its near-decade history. The track is known as the “Green Hell” and is infamous for a reason. Not only is it a high-speed track, but it is also quite a challenge for even the most experienced racers.

In adverse weather conditions, the navigation of this track can be very tricky. It is also the home to most of the VLN Endurance series races including the 24-hour Nurburgring race that can be quite grueling considering the track’s reputation.

Other than the weather conditions, the drivers must also tune their cars up in order to handle the high altitude points. There are plenty of high-altitude spots on the track that can make racing difficult. Not to mention, weather conditions differ in the high points compared to the low lying areas of the track.


What Are They Driving?

For most of the season, three of the drivers (Schreiner, Preisig, and Assmann) were doing most of the heavy lifting. The main cars they drive are the Volkswagen Golf TCR. Volkswagen is one of the team’s main sponsors.

Aside from the drivers, the technicians and crew are quite familiar with what’s underneath the hood of their fleet of cars. And they do their best to make the adjustments needed to handle Nurburgring’s demanding conditions.

Their main sponsor is Giti Tires (hence the name, the Giti Angels) and will don a yellow and black color scheme for the 2020 season.

Looking Ahead

As the 2020 season approaches, the Giti Angels are determined to win as many endurance races as possible. Knowing the challenges that lie ahead, they will use their performance from last season to fuel their confidence.

Be sure to check out the Giti Angels throughout the VLN Endurance Series. The 24-hour Nurburgring race is also an event that you don’t want to miss. 

Published 05 Mar 2020, 06:47 IST
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