Brad Keselowski makes heated remarks after crashing out of Busch clash

Brad Keselowski is not happy with Joey Logano after The Daytona clash.
Brad Keselowski is not happy with Joey Logano after The Daytona clash.
Modified 11 Feb 2020

Brad Keselowski already made headlines during Speedweeks for accidentally hitting a security fence on his way out for Daytona 500 practice on Friday and did so again on Sunday during the annual Busch Clash. This time, however, it was a multi-car pile-up triggered by his teammate, Joey Logano, that ended up ruining his day.

The melee started on lap 67 when Logano was racing for the lead and threw a serious of errant blocks on Kyle Busch, which resulted in both of them careening into the wall. Keselowski was right behind Logano and Busch when it happened, leaving him with nowhere to escape. When Keselowski exited his ride, he was noticeably upset over the incident and even started banging on the side of the ambulance before taking his mandatory ride to the infield car center.

“Just got wrecked for no reason,” Keselowski said after a checkup.
“Dumb, dumb racing. Just dumb moves being thrown out there. Guys that don’t know what they’re doing, so they throw crazy-ass blocks. It’s ridiculous. We shouldn’t be wrecking all these cars. I’m not Tony Stewart. I’m not as smart as he is. He can say it a lot better than I could. This is just dumb. We had a good race car."

The crash ended the day for Busch, Keselowski and Ryan Blaney who were all unable to continue. The incident also served as the first big one of the day, but that would be outdone only a short time later when ten cars wrecked coming to a restart due to oil still not being cleaned up from the track.

"Maybe we need to take the helmets out of these cars and take the seat belts out. Keselowski told reporters outside the infield care center. " Somebody will get hurt and then we’ll stop driving like assholes. I don’t know. We’ll figure it out I guess.”

While Keselowski and Blaney were officially done for the day, Logano's team was able to make repairs to the car and get them back out on the track. Unfortunately for the former Cup Series champion, another big crash on lap 79 would bring his day to an end and he wound up finishing ninth.

When asked about the incident with his teammate, Logano responded by stating

" Kyle had a run. I blocked it to the bottom. blocked him back got the top. … He goes to the inside of me and there really wasn’t a hole and just hooked me around. We all suck at this because there’s only like three cars running right now. I would say no one is any good.”

Interestingly enough, Logano and Keselowski are competing in the same Daytona 500 qualifying race on Thursday, which means their little mini rivalry might be far from over. Hopefully, the two drivers can use the next couple of days to work things out and get on the same page. Otherwise, The duels could turn into just as big of a wreck fest as The Clash was.

Published 11 Feb 2020
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