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Formula 4 South-East Asia Championship to debut at MMRT, Chennai

Press Release
183   //    31 Aug 2018, 12:13 IST


Chennai, August 30: More exciting times ahead at the iconic MMRT with the Madras Motor Sports Club hosting two rounds of the FIA Formula 4 South East Asia Championship and the Caterham Motorsport Championship (Asia) over back-to-back weekends of August 31-September 2 and September 7-9.

The Formula 4 SEA Championship, now in the third season, is part of the global series. The overall champion at the end of the 24 races spread over eight rounds in Malaysia, Thailand and India, earns 12 FIA Super License points.

The Caterham Championship (Asia) is a by-product of the UK series and aims to provide access to drivers in the region. It is open to anyone with a National C or higher licence and offers arrive-and-drive package for those looking for an introduction to motorsport. The Caterham lightweight (530 kg) race-proven Series V factory-built race car is the most raced car in the world and gives drivers of any age and skill the most exciting and affordable racing in Asia.

The F4 SEA championship, which will see a total of six races over two weekends, boasts of drivers from Asia, Europe and Canada with a grid of 12 to 14 cars while four races have been scheduled for the Caterham event, comprising of two classes – 420R and Supersport – with nine drivers in the fray.

MMSC president Ajit Thomas said: “We welcome the F4 SEA and Caterham Motorsport fraternity to India and it is a special occasion for MMSC. These races are further evidence of MMSC’s vision of taking motorsport to the next level and parallelly help promote it at the grass-root level. I am sure that the two race weekends will witness some absolutely heart-stopping action.”

Chairman of the Meet Vicky Chandhok said: “Meritus, the promoter of the F4 SEA Championship, and MMSC go back a long way, and we have been in talks over the past few months about bringing the championship to India. The event is also in sync with our efforts to widen our racing horizons by presenting different international racing events in our country without compromising on our primary objective of promoting the sport at all levels.

“The MMSC is very keen to associate itself with all the racing series in the region. We have invited the Malaysians for ongoing talks and inspection of the MMRT to explore the possibility of adding to the menu card of international events organised by the MMSC. Next on the cards would be teams from Korea and other countries as well.”

Peter Thompson, F4 SEA Promoter, said: “We are looking forward to our first F4 SEA race in India with a double-header at the Madras Motor Race Track in Chennai. MERITUS.GP (the exclusive F4 SEA race engineering supplier) started their Asian adventure in 1996 with Narain Karthikeyan at this very track. Narain is the first of eight F1 graduates from the Meritus GP team.”


F4 SEA organiser, the Automobile Association of Malaysia, is highly vested in making the 2018 Season an outstanding success.

“It is our great honour and privilege to usher in the third season of the Formula 4 SEA Championship. F4 is the FIA’s gold standard of junior driver development. The Formula 4 SEA Championship is truly dedicated to the success and future of Asian autosport and I am proud of the fact that we have helped introduce and train 47 new FIA licence-holders, some of whom have already gone on to win races in higher categories. With the past success of our promoter, it is our goal to have one of our graduates join F1 in the next 5-10 years,” said Yang Mulia Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar Tunku Mustapha, the Chairman of the FIA Affiliate in Malaysia (AAM).

The Specifications

Formula 4 SEA car – Engine: Renault F4R 2-litre FIA-homologated naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine with 160bhp.

Chassis: FIA-homologated Mygale carbon-fibre monocoque chassis.

Tyres: Hankook.

Caterham Motorsport – Engine: 2.0 litre, dry-sumped engine with 210bhp (420R class) and 1.6 litre Caterham Motorsport engine @ 140bhp (Supersport class)

Tyres: Hankook.

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Press Release
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