MRF Supercross 2018: Double Win for Harith Noah in Round 3 of the championship. 

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Harith Noah (8)

The third round of MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Supercross Championship 2018 at Coimbatore on first July

Team TVS Racing’s Harith Noah stood firm to post a double win in the foreign open class, the technically demanding track is 700 meters long that includes 10 jumps, a tabletop and whoops.

The 25-year-old from Kerala, the championship leader, did not enjoy a good start in the opening race. He was lying third but accelerated hard to finish on top much to the delight of a huge holiday crowd. In the second, he was wiser and raced to commanding win.

Championship runner-up Jinnan CD from Angata Racing finished in the second and third places respectively in Moto1 and Moto2

While in SX 2, Yash Pawar from Nashik to win and Pramod Joshua from Bangalore and Saijith ES from 13 Racing second and third places respectively

The local class and Novice class also generated much interest. Jagdeesh Kumar from Coimbatore entertained the local audience with breath-taking jumps and emerge the best local rider

While S. Asaruddin and Vikram Sekhar both from Coimbatore placing second and third respectively in local class

Sachin from Bangalore won the Novice class, with Imran Pasha from TVS Racing and Coimbatore’s Stephen Raj placing second and third respectively

In private expert Moto1 Suhail Ahamed first and Amal Verghese second in Moto2 Jagdeesh Kumar first and Asaruddin second and both motos Karthikeyan third

Due to the focus that MRF, FMSCI, and GODSPEED Racing have invested into the growth of this sport in India, there has been a surge in participation and spectatorship in this National event. This event was organized by GODSPEED Racing headed by veteran Shyam Kothari.

The three remaining rounds of the championship will be held at Jaipur (September 9), Nashik (November 25) and Indore (December 2)


Class 1-SX 1 Foreign Open

  1. Harith Noah (TVS Racing)
  2. C.D Jinan (Angata Racing)
  3. Sajith E.S (13 Racing)

Class 2 Novice

  1. Sachin D (Bangalore)
  2. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing)
  3. Stephen Raj (Coimbatore)

Class 4 Locals

  1. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore)
  2. Asaruddin (Coimbatore)
  3. Vikram Sekhar (Coimbatore)

Class 6 Private Indian Experts Moto 1

  1. Suhail Ahamed (Bangalore)
  2. Amal Verghese (Kerala)
  3. Karthikeyan (Coimbatore)

Moto 2

  1. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore)
  2. Asaruddin (Coimbatore)
  3. Karthikeyan (Coimbatore)

Class 7 SX-2 Foreign Open

  1. Yash Pawar (Nashik)
  2. Pramod Joshua (Bangalore)
  3. Sajith E.S(13 Racing)

Class 3 Junior SX 1

  1. Prajwal V (Bangalore)
  2. Yuvraj Konde Deshmukh (Ajmera Racing)
  3. Sarthak Chavan (Pune)

Class 9 Junior SX 2

  1. Ikshan Shanbhag (Satara)
  2. Sarthak Chavan (Pune)
  3. Jinendra Sangave (Ichal Karanji)

Edited by Shahid Salman


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