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VIDEO: Indian-origin Formula Three driver escapes death after horrific crash

The British-Indian driver saw his car roll and go aerial and the race was immediately called off.

Ameya Vaidyanathan 2016
The British-Indian driver saw his car flip several times on track

Ameya Vaidyanathan, who drives in Formula Three with Carlin Motorsport, was involved in a major crash at the British Formula 3 Grand Prix in Oulton Park.

The British-Indian driver, who is based out of London, started the race in 6th but dropped to tenth after a shaky start, attempted to overtake Sisi Ngebulana, who had been runnning in 9th ahead of him. Misjudging the turn, Vaidyanathan made contact with Ngebulana’s HHC Motorsport car, and was himself launched into the air, then turned and rolled several times, with debris strewn across the track.

The crash was so serious that the race was immediately red-flagged, with the driver taken to the medical centre at the track. Soon after, British Formula 3 released a statement saying Vaidyanathan “...(is) alert and conscious, and is being held in the Medical Centre for further observation as a precaution.” They later released a photograph of the driver on Twitter, saying that he had been released from the centre.

Vaidyanathan, who studies at Eton, saw himself excluded from the race results and received four penalty points as a result of the shunt.

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