INMRC: Ahamed of TVS racing wins the premier class in the Motorcycle racing championship

#33 KY Ahamed enroute to victory at Kari Speedway

Coimbatore, June 9: KY Ahamed rode a brilliant race to lead a TVS Racing 1-2 finish in the premier Super Sport Indian 165cc class in the Rolon Round of the MRF MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway here on Saturday.

Finishing behind Ahamed, who started the race from fourth on the grid, was team-mate and reigning National champion Jagan Kumar, and pole-sitter Mathana Kumar of Honda Ten10 Racing in a race that was delayed by rain.

Ahamed had a strong start as he slipped past Sarath Kumar (Honda Ten10 Racing) to third position. Stepping up the pace, he soon caught up with Jagan and Mathana, and overtook them by the end of the second lap. Once in the front, Ahamed did not look back despite his visor getting fogged and at times missing the braking points.

“It was a tough race and I got to the front by the end of the second lap. However, as the race went on, my visor began fogging. I had difficulty in finding the braking points on the track, but somehow managed to hold it together,” said the 20-year old from Chennai.

The race was re-started when Prabhu Arunagiri’s bike engine blew in the very first lap on the start-finish straight leading to a red flag and a “quick start”.

Earlier, local lad Antony Peter (Vortex Racing), a 22-year old automotive engineering student, won a tight race in the Pro-Stock 301-400cc class that was red-flagged due to sharp showers and reduced to seven laps from the scheduled 10.

Starting from fifth on the grid, Peter, who had finished fourth in the championship in this class last year, quickly moved up and tucked in behind leader Peddu Sriharsha (Sparks Racing) from Hyderabad before going to the front in the fourth lap. He then maintained his lead before the race was red-flagged for a creditable win.

Bengaluru’s 42-year old techie Ananth Krishnan (Apex Racing Academy) completed the podium after surviving a few moments on the slippery track. With the showers continuing and a few riders crashing, the race was red-flagged.

A heavy downpour early afternoon delayed the proceedings, but with the track quickly drying, the programme resumed.

The results (Provisional):NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

Super Sport Indian 165cc (Race 1, 7 laps):

1. KY Ahamed (TVS Racing) (08mins, 49.787secs);

2. Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) (08:50.122);

3. Mathana Kumar (Honda Ten10 Racing) (08:50.595).

Pro-Stock 165cc (Race 1, 7 laps):

1. Anish Shetty (Honda Ten10 Racing) (09:20.975)

2. Kevin Kannan (Rockers Racing) (09:21.094)

3. S Sivanesan (TVS Racing) (09:26.011)

Pro-Stock 301-400cc (Race 1, 7 laps):

1. Antony Peter (Vortex Racing) (09: 13.827)

2. Peddu Sriharsha (Sparks Racing) (09:14.288)

3. Ananth Krishnan (Apex Racing Academy) (09:24.533)

One-Make Championship: Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup 2018

1. Senthil Kumar (Coimbatore) (13:14.654)

2. Anish Damodara Shetty (Hubballi) (13:14.782)

3. Jaden Gunawardena (Sri Lanka) (13:25.373)

TVS – Novice (Apache RTR 200, 10 laps):

1. Karthik Mateti (Hyderabad) (15:08.752)

2. Mohamed Shafin (Kerala) (15:31.452)

3. AS Alexander (Chennai) (15:45.814)

Girls (Apache RTR 180, 8 laps):

1. Ryhana Bee (Chennai) (12:09.398)

2. Ann Jennifer (Chennai) (12:10.661)

3. RV Czimkay (Trivandrum) (12:42.825)

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