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National Racing: Sarath Kumar completes clean sweep

664   //    23 Dec 2012, 18:39 IST

ralley_700544Chennai - Making it four wins from as many outings, Shankar Sarath Kumar of Musli Power Ten10 Racing left an indelible mark on the fifth and concluding round of the FMSCI MMSC-SIDVIN Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship here Sunday.

Sarath, the 21-year-old from Chennai, repeated his Saturday’s feat by winning both the Group C (Open, 165cc) and Honda CBR250 Open races in style to complete a memorable weekend.

In the process, Sarath, who also recorded his maiden wins over his mentor Rajini Krishnan of Moto-Rev India, in the Honda race, was understandably ecstatic over his performance.

“It was my dream to race with my mentor Rajini because of whose guidance I have risen as a racer. Of course, I am happy that I beat him, but I remain grateful to Rajini for everything he has done for me,” said Sarath, who is undeniably the best rider in the country at the moment.

Despite his stunning show, Sarath did not win the championship in the Group C class that went to Shyam Shankar of Moto-Rev India (63 points) who edged Performance Racing’s Sumit Lucas Topo (62) after gaining two places following a protest after Saturday’s race.

The results:

Group C – 165cc Open (6 laps): Sarath Kumar (MP Ten10 Racing) 1 (12:29.378); Sumit Lucas Topo (Performance Racing) 2 (12:34.184); A Prabhu (Moto-Rev India) 3 (12:34.184).

130cc Novice (6 laps): Kamlesh Thakur (Sparks Racing) 1 (14:37.686); Sahay S 2(14:42.115); KY Ahmed (TVS Racing) 3 (14:42.357).

Group D – 165cc Novice (6 laps): Race 1: Arun Muthukrishnan 1 (13:58.732); R Ramesh Kumar (Moto-Rev India) 2 (14:03.421); Harshith Rao (Apex Racing) 3 (14:08.357). Race 2: Arun Muthurkrishnan 1 (13:30.477); R Ramesh Kumar (Moto-Rev India) 2 (13:30.525); M Premraj 3 (13:48.911).

One-Make Championship:


Honda – CBR 250R Open (6 laps): Sarath Kumar (MP Ten10 Racing) 1 (12:10387); M Gautham (Moto-Rev India) 2 (12:29.023); A Prabhu (Moto-Rev India) 3 (12:32.606). CBR 150R Open (6 laps): Ananth Raj 1 (11:11.194); Vivek Mani 2 (11:11.312); Allwyn Jebaz 3 (11:17.972).

Yamaha – YZF R15 Open (6 laps): Race 1: M Sudhakar 1 (13:22.213); S Vivek Pillai 2 (131:22.549); Anantaraj 3 (13:22.604). Race 2: YZF R15 Novice (6 laps, short loop): Arun Muthukrishnan 1 (07:52.107); Harshit 2 (07:52.333); Meka Vidhuraj 3 (07:52.559).

Apache RTR180 Novice (6 laps, short loop): Arun Muthukrishnan 1 (08:04.574); Rahul Rathod 2 (08:09.535); Sahay S 3 (08:09.698).

Final National Championship classifications (top 3):

Group A Superbike (600cc): Rajini Krishnan (Moto-Rev India) 1 (60 points); Deepak Ravikumar (Preethi Racing) 2 (56); M Gautham (Moto-Rev India) 3 (46).

Group B (165cc Open): Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) 1 (88 points); Harry Sylvester (TVS Racing) 2 (64); Shyam Shankar (Moto-Rev India) 3 (47).

Group C (165cc Open): Shyam Shankar (Moto-Rev India) 1 (63); Sumit Lucas Topo (Performance Racing) 2 (62); N Abhishek (Moto-Rev India) 3 (38).

Group D – 165cc Open: Ramesh Kumar (Moto-Rev India) 1 (76); Arun Muthukrishnan 2 (71); Sandesh P (Performance Racing) 2 (53). 130cc Novice: Kamlesh Thakur (Sparks Racing) 1 (94); Abdul Wahab (TVS Racing) 2 (54); KY Ahmed (TVS Racing) 3 (50).

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