“We’ve seen these kind of accidents too many times in FE” - Sam Bird was not happy with the officials after a horrific accident in Rome

2023 Hankook Rome E-Prix Round 13
In this handout from Jaguar Racing, Sam Bird, Jaguar TCS Racing during the ABB FIA Formula E Championship - 2023 Hankook Rome E-Prix Round 13 on July 15, 2022 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Handout/Jaguar Racing via Getty Images)

Sam Bird felt that the multiple-car incident that retired him from the Rome ePrix has happened way to often in Formula E. The Jaguar TCS racing driver believes there are too many bumps and drains on the circuit that cause these incidents.

Describing the incident exclusively to Sportskeeda after the race, Sam Bird said:

“Hit a bump at the wrong angle, sent the car a bit sideways and then sent me on to not sideways but sent me slightly wide. Sent me on to a drain and turned me into the wall. And sent me into everyone else.”

Asked by Sportskeeda if it was a part of the track that was the reason behind the incident, he explained:

“It’s a combination of things, there are too many bumps, too many drains on this section. We’ve seen this kind of accident too many times in Formula E. And it just keeps on getting ignored. Just bad luck that I went back in top the inside.”

Unsure if his car could be repaired by the second race in Rome, Sam Bird felt the incident was caused due to multiple reasons. The Jaguar TCS driver believes that the angle he hit the bump on the street circuit triggered the crash and the incidents after.

Unlike his teammate Mitch Evans, who has won here thrice, he believes the circuit in Rome has always been problematic due to the bumps and drains throughout the course. He feels incidents like this are inevitable and always ignored in Formula E.

Sam Bird gutted after the multiple car accident in the first round of the Rome ePrix

As Sam Bird spun onto the circuit, he was hit by two cars trying to pass him. Seven drivers in total were involved in the incident. Although the Jaguar driver was cleared by the doctors and walked out unscathed from the crash, his car might not be ready for the second round in Rome.

Speaking to Sportskeeda after the incident, Sam Bird said:

“Yeah, I’m fine… I’m fine to race. It’s just a matter of whether we finish the race car.”

On his expectations ahead and his contribution to the team effort over the next few days, he said:

“I don't care. Don’t care.”

Sam Bird was trying to help teammate Mitch Evans, who was the pole-sitter for the race. While the Briton’s race was over after the incident, the New Zealander won the race and is third in the championship.

The Briton was gutted after the incident and did not care much about how he planned to back his teammate in the next three races.

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Edited by Akshay Saraswat