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Raid De Himalaya 2018: 4 preplanned stages will not run as per schedule, one stage added

Dev Tyagi
510   //    08 Oct 2018, 16:23 IST

Photo credits: Ganesh Ramalingam
Photo credits: Ganesh Ramalingam

Raid De Himalaya is among the most sought-after rallies in Asia and among the most intriguing battles in the sphere of motorsport.

Its standing in the firmament of rallying is unquestionable. It's an advertisement of sorts for those who wish to test their rigor and understand whether they have what it takes to ace a terrain as serene as the Himalayas.

To India, Raid De Himalaya is a celebrated festival of grit and rigor, if it must be said.

Now into its 20th edition, the soaring peaks of the Himalayas have called out to drivers from all around the country to immerse in a carnival of speed and endurance.

Having said that, not everything has fallen into place and there've been a few changes on the horizon of Raid De Himalaya 2018.

In case you weren't aware, here's a look at what's happened thus far on the horizon of change:

Day 1:

Lamayuru Photokser and Photokser Lamayuru will not run as planned, instead leg 3 (Day 3) Sankhoo Drass and Drass Sankhoo will be run on day 1.

Day 2:


Runs as per the normal schedule

Day 3:

Runs as per the normal schedule

Day 4:

Here's the bit that's been canceled.

Debring to Datt and Datt to Debring have been cancelled, and will now instead run one Tarmac stage which is Rumste to Debring.

To delve into further detail, here are the latest developments

Day 1 was initially scheduled to be stage 1 Lamayuru to Photokser and stage 2 Photokser to Lamayuru.

Having said that, it won’t run as per schedule and all participants will run day 3 stages on day one also; day 1 starts in Kargil.

That leaves us to question what's in store for Day 2?

Day 2 will be Panikher to Panzila and Panzila to Parkachik which will run as per Schedule.

Moving on, Day 3 will run from Sankhoo to Drass and Drass to Sankhoo while for Day 4, only one new stage instead of the pre-planned stage has been added.

It's worth mentioning that along with the revered Mahindra Adventure rally team, a few more privateers had already done the recce of the stages over the course of the last few days when it was announced that 4 stages would not run as per the normal schedule.

Day 1 and day 3 shall see the exact same stages, Sankhoo to Drass and Drass to Sankhoo. TThe day 4 shall now feature a brand new stage that includes Rumste to Debring through the second-highest motorable road, Tang Lang La pass.

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