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NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction - Fan Day
NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction - Fan Day

The NASCAR Hall of Fame, an 86,500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility located in the serenity of uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, is one section of the NASCAR Hall of Fame Complex.

Owned by the city of Charlotte and licensed by NASCAR, the complex also includes a 40,000 sq. ft. Crown Ballroom, a 393,000 sq. ft. privately built NASCAR Plaza Office Tower, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame Parking Garage which can accommodate around 1000 cars.

The $160 million facility which officially opened on May 11, 2010, is an interactive entertainment attraction that honors the rich legacy of the sport. It honors drivers, crew chiefs, owners, broadcasters, and other major contributors for their exceptional contribution to the sport over the years.

The fact that Charlotte was the nursery bed of stock car racing and that a wealth of drivers had come through from North Carolina meant that other cities that were also in the running to become the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame missed out.

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NASCAR Hall of Fame building

NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction - Fan Day
NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction - Fan Day

The NASCAR Hall of Fame building is a four-storey facility with the first floor having the High Octane Theater which primarily runs videos for guests along with a primer video for first-time visitors.

Second Floor

The second floor is more expansive, with a Ceremonial Plaza, Glory Road, The Great Hall, and 'Studio 43'.

While the Ceremonial Plaza is more on the lines of a courtyard, the Glory Road is a one-of-a-kind 33-degree steep bank featuring 18 legendary stock cars. It also pays tribute to 46 old and current tracks in NASCAR.

With a 14 feet x 18 feet video screen, 'The Great Hall' is also known as Times Square. The 'Studio 43' is derived from Richard Petty's iconic car number 43 and is used for television production.

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Third Floor

The 360-degree 'Hall of Honor' wall on the third floor featuring honorees enshrined in their own displays is easily the focal point of the building.

The floor also boasts of racecar simulators and an INSIDE NASCAR endeavor which helps simulate a week in the life of a NASCAR team right from race prep to trials, and finally, the race.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor houses the history section of NASCAR, featuring a glass-enclosed section with historic artifacts of stock car racing dating back to its inception in 1948.

The floor also has a gift shop, a restaurant, and a Hall of Fame cafe.

NASCAR Hall of Fame Charlotte Vision and Mission

NASCAR Hall of Fame's vision is to be the premier sports hall of fame and a leader when it comes to what it means to honor a sport.

The mission is to build loyalty for the sport of NASCAR and the NASCAR Hall of Fame by creating multi-faceted entertaining experiences for fans and non-fans alike.

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