"I got yanked right out of there" - Joey Logano reminisces on F1's zero access, time spent with Carlos Sainz Jr.

Carlos Sainz, Joey Logano and Charles Leclerc (Image via X @joeylogano)
Carlos Sainz (left), Joey Logano and Charles Leclerc (right) (Image via X @joeylogano)

Team Penske ace Joey Logano recently opened up about his visit to the Ferrari team garage during the inaugural edition of the Las Vegas GP and revealed how he was "yanked out of the garage" due to strict rules.

The two-time Cup Series champion was invited as a guest of the Ferrari F1 team for a promotional event organized by mutual sponsor Shell. During his trip to the F1 paddock, he got the opportunity to spend time with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr.

In a recent conversation with The Athletic's Jeff Gluck, Joey Logano opened up about his trip to the Ferrari team garage. The #22 Penske driver described both Ferrari drivers as "great guys" but was surprised by the strict garage rules.

Logano narrated that Carlos Sainz Jr. was giving him a tour through the garage when a Ferrari team personnel abruptly asked him to vacate the place without any explanation. He elaborated on the incident:

"Carlos was taking me through their garage bay and he’s taking his time. He’s super nice, super great guy. We’re in there for five or six minutes, and then I get pulled by my arm — 'out.' Pulled. And I was like, 'Oh, he was showing me this part of the car and I was pretty interested in it because it’s so different. I was just learning.' 'No, we have to go.' 'But …' And Carlos is there and he’s like (shrugs), 'You gotta go.' OK."
"And that was it. Like there was no hanging out, talk more about the cars, whatever. There was just driver intros that night, so they didn’t have anything else to do. And I got yanked right out of there. Like “Alright, that’s how this goes."

Joey Logano was unaccustomed to F1's garage policies, especially compared to the open garages of Cup teams.

Joey Logano justifies Charles Leclerc's reaction to NASCAR weekend format

Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc was shocked to learn about the NASCAR Cup Series practice-qualifying format and his priceless reaction is making rounds on social media.

In the promotional video, Joey Logano can be seen explaining to the Ferrari drivers how Cup drivers get 20 minutes of practice before heading straight into qualifying. Leclerc couldn't believe the #22 Penske driver, as F1 drivers enjoy three practice sessions, each lasting one hour, on race weekends.

Logano explained that he would have had the same reaction as the Ferrari driver if he had been informed about the current schedule before 2020 when the Cup Series had three practice sessions of 50 minutes each.

"If you asked us before 2020 about our schedule we’re doing now, I would have the same reaction Charles had. I’d be like, “Wait, what?” And now it’s normal to us." he told The Athletic.

NASCAR has been reducing the number of practice sessions in recent years, and there are no indications that the governing body will increase the practice time in the future.

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