Rain wrecks Rick Hendrick's ambitious plans for Kyle Larson

NASCAR Cup Series Championship
NASCAR Cup Series Championship

For Kyle Larson's Double attempt, everything was in place. Everything that could have been controlled, was in control. But the one thing that couldn't have been controlled loomed over Larson's attempt at running both the Indy 500 and the Coke 600 on the same day - the weather.

This was something that Rick Hendrick spoke about in an interview with SiriusXM NASCAR before his driver took on the monumental challenge.

Hendrick described the things they had under control and the one they didn't.

"You can't control the weather. And we know what block we have to get back and we got helicopters lined up, we've got 5 airplanes that are going to be up there. So trying to get people up there in the morning and back in time, and hope the weather holds out because if the weather does, we'll be in good shape," Hendrick had said.

Mr. H also touched on how he could never have expected Kyle Larson to qualify in fifth place. He praised Arrow McLaren for doing "a great job", adding that it had been more than what he had expected amid "a lot of pressure."

Hendrick mentioned how Larson running the Double was good for NASCAR, IndyCar, and fans who "are crossing over." In the end, Mr. H had emphasized on the need for the weather to hold out for it to be "a fun deal."

But sadly for Kyle Larson and the team, that is not what happened.

Rain washed out Kyle Larson's hopes of doing well in the Double

After his impressive runs and speed leading up to the main event, Kyle Larson's first ever Indy 500 was delayed with rain causing the start of the race to be postponed. Once the race got underway, Larson showed good speed.

However, he made a crucial mistake entering the pit road because of which he was handed a penalty. Soon Larson was a lap down and ended up finishing just inside the top 20.

But instead of dwelling, he quickly got out of his racecar, did his TV duties, and headed straight for Charlotte Motor Speedway. Larson had another race to compete in.

Once he landed at the racetrack, Kyle Larson headed towards his pit box to get ready and replace Justin Allgaier in the #5 car.

However, the rain was back, and the race came to a halt. Larson waited and waited for the track to dry so he could get in the car, run a race and get a good result. But NASCAR decided that the track wouldn't get dry enough in time, so they called off the race, which meant Christopher Bell had won.

All of these things ended up making Kyle Larson frustrated and sad. He had the cars, the talent and the backing to compete for the wins in both of the races.

For Larson, everything was in place, everything that could've been in control was in control, everything should've gone right. But the one thing that wasn't in control came into play and ended up tainting everything else.

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