"That's what you get when Coy is around"- NASCAR track announcer shares endearing Coy Gibbs story

NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship
NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship

The NASCAR community was shocked by the news last Sunday that Coy Gibbs, the vice chairman and chief operating officer at Joe Gibbs Racing, passed suddenly in his sleep.

Just a few hours earlier, his son, Ty Gibbs, had clinched the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship with a victory in the season finale.

After hearing that Coy Gibbs had passed away after watching his son’s championship win, NASCAR track announcer and writer Jason Weigandt went back to his archives to share a story from his magazine column in February 2021.

Coy Gibbs, the father of Ty Gibbs and son of Joe Gibbs, has died at age 49.Coy was the COO/vice chairman of Joe Gibbs Racing; he was at Phoenix Raceway last night to watch his son win the NASCAR Xfinity Series title.Coy is survived by his wife, Heather, and their four kids.

It began at the San Diego airport, where Weigandt discovered that his flight got canceled. Incredibly, he saw Gibbs was at the next ticket counter, finding out the same bad news that he would be stuck in town overnight.

However, American Airlines officials said that there was a flight from Los Angeles that could get them home, but they had to get there quickly. Coy Gibbs lined up a rental car while Weigandt booked a flight out of Los Angeles.

What happened next was definitely not in the playbook. In the magazine column, Weigandt wrote:

"As Coy started searching his phone for rental-car availability, we heard the couple behind us at the ticket counter struggling with the same canceled flight. Coy turned to these two complete strangers and told them to get the LAX flight and hop in with us in the rental car. We must have looked trustworthy, because they decided to do it!"

Coy Gibbs dropped the couple off at LAX before they returned to the rental car.

Weigandt said:

"I whispered to the husband, ‘He’s Coy Gibbs. You know, Gibbs, as in Coach Joe Gibbs.’ The man’s jaw dropped. And it was hilarious. That’s what you get when Coy is around."
Our thoughts are with Joe Gibbs Racing and the Gibbs family today. Coy Gibbs was 49.

NASCAR track announcer and Gibbs took home a story that could be shared for years to come.

Joe Gibbs Racing's 2022 NASCAR season ended on a bittersweet after the loss of Coy Gibbs

Coy Gibbs' sudden death was a huge loss for the NASCAR community, especially Joe Gibbs Racing as an organization.

On Saturday night, Gibbs was at Phoenix Raceway as his son Ty Gibbs competed at the Xfinity Series Championship, winning his seventh race of the season and clinching his first Xfinity Championship.

Just an hour into the Cup Series Championship Race last Sunday, Joe Gibbs Racing shared the news of the sad demise of one of its owners, Coy Gibbs.

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