"Trump supporter? Lost all respect!" - Fans criticize Danica Patrick after former NASCAR driver's recent Instagram post

Danica Patrick attends TPUSA event (Images from Instagram)
Danica Patrick attends TPUSA event (Images from Instagram)

Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is facing the heat after attending Turning Point USA's America Fest. Patrick posted on Instagram a bunch of photos and videos from her visit, which have come under severe criticism.

Turning Point USA is a non-profit organization that advocates conservative politics, particularly targeting the younger demographic. Patrick was in attendance for the annual AmFest (America Fest) in Phoenix, Arizona along with her sister.

Danica Patrick also posted a picture of 'MAGA' (Make America Great Again) caps on Instagram, which are associated with Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The caption on her post read:

"Sister came to town to check out @turningpointusa with me! Dad replied to our pic with - perfect daughters. 😜 we do love our country…. so AMfest (America fest) makes sense. 🇺🇸"

During her time as a racing driver, Danica Patrick had steered clear of politics, but following her retirement, the 41-year-old NASCAR/F1 pundit is being more open.

After Patrick attended the AmFest organized by TPUSA, she received plenty of backlash from her followers. A popular comment on her Instagram post read:

"Trump supporter? Lost all respect!"

Here are a few other reactions to Patrick's Instagram post:

"All my admiration thrown to the trash in one post."
"I knew she was stupid and had stupid opinions but … yikes lol"
"Had no idea you were MAGA. Glad you posted this so I know to unfollow and stop supporting anything you’re associated with."

Here are a few other reactions from X (Formerly Twitter):

Danica Patrick responds to critics, clarifying her stance on politics

The Former NASCAR driver clarified her views on politics after her visit to the Turning Point USA event attracted a lot of attention and criticism. Danica Patrick insisted her political ideologies lie somewhere on the spectrum between Republican and independent.

Responding to the critics, she wrote on her Instagram story on Friday afternoon, December 22:

"Y'll are losing your damn minds over my turning point post...I am not a liberal. I am somewhere between Republican and independent. I think our country should be run by someone that knows business and has integrity. I believe we should be able to speak freely. I don’t think our food and skies should be poisoned. I think it’s bullsh*t that Democrats can be proud but a Republican can’t in society.
"As a result, there is so much propaganda that penetrates mainstream media. I love this country and I have lived other places. I believe when people of different opinions speak face to face we realize we are more similar than different. I don’t believe everything anyone says."

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