10 Famous personalities you didn’t know were good Poker players

Poker is the new Chess!
Poker is the new Chess!

Poker is easily one of the most loved card games in the world. With online casinos and physical ones making it popular, the traction has caught up. Appearances in-house party are not an uncommon scene these days. Not only has the youth given into the charm of it, but also the celebrities. Did you know the celebrities who love poker? Well, let’s find out!

Shane Warne

As one of the famous pro poker players in his circle, Shane has spun magic on the table after doing so on the field. As one of the most efficient poker players, the cricketing legend has left no stone unturned to spin the game in his favor!

Shilpa Shetty

When female celebrity poker players are mentioned, her name goes on the top of the list. The actress, businesswoman and a mother, she is very passionate about the game and never misses a chance to try a hand at the same.

Rafael Nadal

You have seen him being competitive on the tennis court. However, did you know he is a pro at playing poker too? Be it that racquet or cards, he ensures that the ball is always in his court.

Michael Phelps

Swimming star and multiple times Olympic champion, Michael Phelps has been associated with poker as long as one can remember. His association with Poker Stars isn’t hidden from the world. However, the star hasn’t been so lucky. As per reports, his total earnings till date has been $0.0.

Ben Affleck

Who doesn’t love Ben Affleck? Oscar-winning, dimple-chinned actor who plays poker has been the heartthrob for as long as one remembers. A solid and classy player, his total earnings till date have been undisclosed. For all you know, the minimum buy-ins range over a several thousand dollars.

Elizabeth Shannon

You know her as one of the top leads from the movie American Pie. But we know her as a female celebrity poker player who knows her game pretty well. Did you know she finished third in the 2007 NBC national Heads up Poker championship? Well, now you do!

Nick Cassavetes

He might now have Oscars to his credit, but he definitely has a lot of poker championships to boast of. As one of the actors in the famous love story “The Notebook”, Nick has been performing impeccably in multiple tournaments.

Vicky Mitchell

Writer and Host of Only connect, she is a professional and we do not know where to draw the line. An actress, a celebrity and so much more, she might come across as a softie, but we bet, she isn’t anything what she looks like. A table and cards, you are game on!

Jennifer Tilly

Bullets over Broadway aside, she has won multiple poker tournaments beating 600 odd players. Triumphing in the WSOP bracket, she has changed the way the world looks at female poker players.

Ranvijay Singh

Famous as an Indian Youth Icon, he has been roped in by The Spartan Poker. A popular poker player and a popular Poker brand, the rest is all for the world to see!

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