Learn How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker in 10 minutes

Texas Hold'em poker for beginners
Texas Hold'em poker for beginners
Shivani Ahuja

For those who don’t have much knowledge about the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker, the game can seem intimidating. Despite what you have been told, learning how to play Texas Hold’em Poker is easier than you think it is. Here’s how you can learn how to play Texas Hold’em Poker in just 10 minutes:

First Step - Blinds

A minimum of two players are needed for this game. Before any cards are drawn or shown, two players must put some money in the ‘pot’. These are called ‘blinds’. One player places the small blind and the other a big blind, which is usually the double of the small blind. The first two players, sitting left of the dealer button, take turns to place the small and big blind respectively.

The position of the dealer button keeps moving clockwise on completion of each hand so that all the players get the advantage of placing the last bet.

Second Step - Preflop

Now, each player is dealt with two cards in what is called the ‘preflop round’. These cards are private and are also named ‘hole cards’. Players must ascertain the winning strength of their cards, and then do one of the following: call (or continue in the game without raising the bet), bet (or raise the amount of the bet), or fold (or not play in the round). When a player bets a certain amount, others who wish to continue must bet the same amount (or more).

Third Step - Flop

After all the players have placed their bets, the dealer places three board cards face-up, in this step, which is also called the ‘flop round’.

According to the hand rankings of the game, players must make the strongest winning combination using their two private cards and the three board cards revealed in the ‘flop’. The player who placed the small blind begins this round, and has the option to call, bet, or fold. Next, the big blind player does the same, as do others, one by one. Each player has the option of folding and exiting the round on their turn.

Fourth Step - Turn

The next board card is then drawn, and this is called the ‘turn’. With six cards now known to each player, the players must again make the best possible hand using two hole cards and three community cards on the board, and decide if they want to call, bet more, or exit the round. When the bets have been placed, we proceed to the next step, called the ‘river’.

Fifth Step - River

In the ‘river’, the last board card is drawn. With seven cards now known to each player, the players must once again make the best five-card hands from them and take a call on what they want to do.

Sixth Step - Winner and Showdown

If in any of the preceding rounds only one player remains and all others fold, all the bets placed in the pot thus far go to the remaining player.

In the case that more than one player sees through the final betting round after ‘river’, the showdown takes place. Remaining players reveal their hands, and as per the poker hand rankings, the winner is declared. Naturally, he/she wins the round and the pot.

Wasn’t that easy? Learning how to play Texas Hold’em Poker was never this fun!

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