Texas Hold'em Rules

Last Modified Oct 16, 2018 13:48 IST

Beginners Guide to Playing Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker rules can be confusing for beginners. Let’s go over the basic rules of Texas

Hold’em for beginners and understand how the hands are dealt, the bets are placed, and how

the winners are decided.

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Here’s a step-by-step beginner’s guide to Texas Hold’em Poker:

First Step - Positions

The first set of bets comprises of blinds, and players take turns to place these bets, which are

compulsory for two players; one of whom places a small blind and the other one, on the left of

the small blind, places a big blind. Additional players play without betting at this stage.

Second Step - Pre-flop round

Every player gets two cards in this step called the Pre-flop round, and these are called the ‘hole

cards’. Depending on the strength of the cards, players can either check (stay in the game but

not raise the stakes of the bet in the round), bet (raise the amount of bet in that round), or fold

(sit out the round). After the initial set of bets have been placed (or cards folded), the dealer

places three ‘community cards’ face-up, in what is called the Flop round.

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Third Step - Flop round

Using their two private cards and the three community cards, the players decide whether they

could have a winning hand. The small blind player begins this round, and can again proceed by

checking, betting, or folding. The big blind player goes next, followed by other players, all of

whom can exercise the three options, depending on their private cards and the three

community cards.

Fourth Step - Turn round

When all the players have bet, the fourth community card is revealed in the ‘turn’. Now, players

must make the best possible poker hand from the six cards available to them (two private cards

and four community cards). A similar round of betting continues, wherein players can proceed

without raising the amount of the bet, raising the bet, or dropping out of the round.

Fifth Step - River round

The final and the fifth community card is revealed in what is called the ‘river’. Post this reveal, a

final round of betting ensues and all/remaining players make the best five-card hand from the

seven cards known to them so far.

Sixth Step

If, in any of the previous steps, all but one player fold and the round is finished, then the entire

amount collected in the pot goes to the player that remains in the game. However, if more than

one player finish the final betting round, the showdown follows. All players show their hand,

and according to the hand rankings, the dealer decides the winner. The winner takes the entire

amount in the pot.

There you go! That’s a great starting point to prepare a Texas Hold’em Poker strategy. If you wish to learn more, please visit: Texas Hold'em Poker Tips