5 habits of SEVENTEEN's Mingyu that drive fans crazy

SEVENTEEN member Kim Mingyu (Image via PLEDIS Entertainment)
SEVENTEEN member Kim Mingyu (Image via PLEDIS Entertainment)

Kim Mingyu, a member of the K-pop boy band SEVENTEEN, is a worldwide celebrity. While all members of SEVENTEEN are extremely talented and unique, Mingyu's habits are undoubtedly the cutest, making him adorable. Mingyu's impressively built physique astounds fans. The same goes for his glamorous photos. Although it is not a habit (or perhaps it is), he has a large number of admirers.

ah mingyu you're so precious <3

Here are 5 habits of SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu which all CARATs (fandom) are obsessed with.

Sleeping anywhere to not wearing shoes properly: These 5 habits of Kim Mingyu’s will surely make you smile

1) He can sleep anywhere. LIKE Anywhere.


The rapper from the 13-member group has the ability to sleep anywhere. He even demonstrated his special talent on the show The Manager, where his manager was tasked with finding Mingyu in a crowd of people. Sadly, he couldn’t since the 25-year-old was busy sleeping behind a couch, a place nobody thought of.

From Hoshi’s thigh to a bus seat, fans have caught him sleeping in the weirdest places. However, his cute face and innocence always makes up for the silliness.

2) Speaking extremely fast

mingyu speaking at the speed of light is so funny because we’re literally witnessing a survival technique in action. imagine having 12 men ready at all times to interrupt and tease you the moment you open your mouth. you don’t talk fast you don’t talk at all

After living with 12 other members for almost a decade, Mingyu has developed a habit of speaking extremely fast. Fans claim he speaks at the speed of light at times, which is understandable given that any of the 12 can interrupt him at any time.

His habit of sharing everything with his members has also caused him to speak faster. In return, other SEVENTEEN artists like to cautiously watch him speak.

3. Cleaning fairy Mingyu


Without a doubt, the SVT member has won hearts because of his charming and funny habits. One of them includes him being called "Cleaning Fairy Mingyu," as the K-pop idol loves to clean and organize things.

Fans have noticed SVT's dorm being neat and tidy whenever the Bittersweet singer is present. Mingyu, according to SVT's Jeonghan, has the image of cleaning up their mess.

4. Not wearing shoes properly

mingyu and wonwoo be really not wearing their shoes properly 😭😭

Like Wonwoo, Mingyu has entirely abandoned the idea of wearing shoes properly. The 97-liner friend group member is often seen wearing his sneakers like a slide, and fans could not help but talk about it on social media.

Among Mr. Kim's many habits, his urge to ignore his footwear is definitely the strangest considering he likes everything in place.

5. Holding hands

ft mingyu holding hands with fans during fansign events

Last but not least: The singer/ rapper’s other adorable habits include him holding hands. Call it his way of expressing his affection for the members and his admiration for the fans at fan signing events.

He is called the giant puppy because of his puppy eyes and innocent self.

Currently on tour with his bandmates for Be The Sun, the singer keeps fans up to date on his whereabouts via social media.

oh mingyu... i love him so much

In other news, SEVENTEEN will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on August 18. The group will perform their recent hit HOT and mark their first-ever in-studio performance on the show.

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