5 ‘HOT’ moments from SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun title track MV

SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun (Image via PLEDIS)
SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun (Image via PLEDIS)

SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun serves and how. On May 27, the multi-talented 13-member group officially returned with their fourth full-length album, Face The Sun, with its accompanying title track HOT. Comprising 9 unique tracks, with HOT serving as the album’s lead single, SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun is a stunning ode to their incredible journey of seven years and continuing testimony of how they have given the world of K-pop some of its best music.

5 ‘HOT’ moments from SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun MV that are unmissable


Composed of the multi-talented Woozi, HOT serves it hot and fiery as its name suggests. The powerful hip-hop track is colored by the group’s tremendous energy, inspiring confidence, and indomitable willpower to take everything head-on and march to their beat with their heads held high. Fiery and passionate, SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun is one for keeps.

1. Wonwoo’s fashion moment

SEVENTEEN’s talented Wonwoo impresses fans with his spit-fire rapping and equally impressive fashion. Dressed in a glittery emerald green shirt, Wonwoo accentuated the look with a fashionable thick silver choker and a cool nose piercing. He completed the look with some neat eye makeup, looking every bit of the fashion king.

2. This is The8’s era

There are two confessions: SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun is a landmark moment in the group’s career, and this is The8’s era, and there are no two ways about it. Sporting fiery red hair and an equally fierce gaze, Th8 aces as a singer, performer, and visual, truly owning this era.

3. Serving it S.Coups style

This moment and these lyrics from the HOT music video define what SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun is all about. With fire in their eyes and hearts full of desire, the members are confident that eventually, they will become the sun itself, and of course, no better than leader S.Coups to convey that.

4. Top-notch transition

From their fourth album, Face The Sun, SEVENTEEN’s fiery title track, HOT, has some solid moments. The editing is sharp and top-notch besides the breath-taking visuals, excellent choreography, and creative animations. This transition from Junhui holding a baseball bat at one point to quickly shifting focus on Joshua smashing things with a guitar is simply Fantastic.

5. Versatile multi-concepts

In this three-odd minute music video, SEVENTEEN members donned stylish iridescent outfits, posing against cool bikes and sported black leather outfits, standing tall and facing the sun, alternating between passionate and ferocious.

SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun consists of the following tracks Darl+ing, HOT, DON QUIXOTE, March, Shadow, ‘bout you, If you leave me and Ash. The multi-talented group surpassed 2 million stock pre-orders, marking the group's highest number of pre-orders to date.

Furthermore, a day before their comeback with their fourth full album, Face The Sun, SEVENTEEN made a meaningful donation to the Korean National Commission for UNESCO to mark their seventh debut anniversary.

It is reported that the donation will be used by the 'UNESCO Korea Committee's Global Education Sharing Project' to help underprivileged children and youth in Asia and Africa access education and better opportunities.

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