5 moments from Going SEVENTEEN that proved it is the funniest idol variety show

SEVENTEEN's variety show has received a lot of love from people. (Image via @pledis_17/ Twitter)
SEVENTEEN's variety show has received a lot of love from people. (Image via @pledis_17/ Twitter)

Initially starting as a vlog, Going Seventeen (GoSe, for short) has evolved to become one of the most hilarious and competitive variety shows in K-pop. Chaos, cheating, and laughter reign supreme when the thirteen-member group comes together on the show.

When left to their own devices, SEVENTEEN comes up with ingenious ideas. So, the GoSe producers have involved the group in planning for the various episodes. The showmakers would then adapt the plans suggested by the members into plausible concepts that would make for entertaining episodes.

5 Going Seventeen moments that made everyone laugh

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A fan-made edit of the most hilarious Going Seventeen moments comprehensively explains why the show is so fun to watch. SEVENTEEN members are not afraid to be themselves or to show their comical sides to viewers. Here are five moments from the show that prove why it is the the funniest idol variety show.

1) Joshua's ice water bath in How to Eat Rice the Perfect Way #2

In the How to Eat Rice the Perfect Way saga, the members were tasked with finding the best accompaniment to plain rice. The second part had all the members come back from their various adventures. While a few went to the supermarket to gather supplies, others ordered food online or went home to pick up food.

This Going Seventeen episode had many humorous moments, including Jeonghan and DK's ridiculous skit and Woozi stealing food from other members' plates.

Most notably, Joshua, who paired his rice with ramen, declared that that ramen tasted best in the cold and dipped his feet in ice water. As if that weren't enough, he took another bowl of ice water and poured it over his head, while the other members watched, horrified and shocked.

2) DK's love for the traditional drum sogo in several episodes

@HYBE_MERCH omg dk sogo fanchant coming 🤩

As captured in THE 8 and the 12 Shadows #1, DK had picked up the traditional drum sogo to give himself something to do and the other 12 members imitated his every movement. His energetic jumping while drumming on the sogo had the rest of SEVENTEEN complaining about exhaustion, while still being amused by the 1997-born singer.

DK brought out the drum in another Going Seventeen episode, The Truman Show of Mr. SVT’s We Live Alone #1, in which the members were pretending to live alone while being evaluated by the other members.

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The instrument has become such a staple among fans that it was even sold as official merchandise. It provided a unique solution for when concerts in Korea were held without the audience shouting. The sogos sold by the SEVENTEEN could be played during the concert. Fans who could not purchase official sogos even created their own versions.

3) Vernon's request for a black marker in Going Entertainment Ep. #2

remember that one going seventeen episode where vernon was wearing red glasses and seungkwan wrote on the board with red marker and vernon just said “Can u use a black marker instead” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

The self-producing idol group, SEVENTEEN, is involved in creating parts of Going Seventeen as well. The two Going Entertainment episodes had the members plan out what they wanted out of the variety show. Each member came up to the white board and explained their plans in detail, while the other members discussed it further.

Vernon happened to be wearing red glasses to match his extremely colorful outfit. Wonwoo started writing with the red marker and Vernon remarked that he could not see anything. The group indignantly told the 98-liner to take off his crimson glasses, which he refused to do.

Seungwan also wanted to explain something on the whiteboard, so he made a small mark with a red pen in all seriousness. Vernon quickly asked Seungwan to write with a black marker instead, causing the whole group to erupt into laughter.

4) Wonwoo's "Tasty" in Insomnia Zero #2 (2020)

never forget of this legendary wonwoo's meme (uhm, TASTY & spiew spiew spiew/spieung spieung spieung) in GoSe (insomnia-zero)😏🤣#일요일에도_고잉세븐틴 #GoingSVT_Marathon @pledis_17

The concept behind the Insomnia Zero episode block was that the members who would fall asleep the fastest could go home earlier. The production team checked the heart rate of the member lying down, while the other members tried different tactics to disrupt sleep.

The mukbang segment was made up of other members slurping and chewing very loudly in front of the microphone as earphones worn by the ones trying to sleep transmitted the noise.

While chewing on his food with the occasional "Mmm" thrown in, Wonwoo surprised everyone when he suddenly said, "Tasty," in a deep, monotone voice. Woozi, who was trying to sleep, started laughing uncontrollably, while Mingyu fell to the floor at the absurd timing.

5) Jun asking the "grannies" to be quiet in TTT compilation (2019)


TTT is legendary in Going Seventeen. With a loose structure in place, the 13-member group gets to relax and play nonsensical games to decide who must do the dishes.

Though the scene was not included in the final episode cut, the Going Seventeen production team released a compilation episode featuring all the deleted TTT scenes. In it, the Very Nice group was playing a game where they must not laugh, no matter what the others say or do.

Jun was quiet throughout most of the game, eating roasted sweet potatoes and sipping on his drink. However, after seeing some of the members on the verge of laughing, he decided to take the plunge.

In a deep, funny voice, Jun asked the "grandmothers and grandfathers" to stop their playacting as an old couple. Seungkwan and DK giggled at his impeccable timing followed by the rest of the team.

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Going Seventeen has become one of those shows that makes viewers laugh, regardless of whether or not they are fans of the group. In fact, the show is probably the only idol variety show with a special name for people who like the show, namely CUBICs. This fandom includes people who are Going Seventeen fans but not necessarily fans of SEVENTEEN (CARATs).

The group is set to release a full-length album titled Face the Sun on May 27, 2022. This marks the Left and Right group's first full album since An Ode in 2019.

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