SEVENTEEN prove their star status by selling 60k seats for Japanese fanmeet

K-pop group SEVENTEEN sell out two-day fanmeet in Japan (Image via @pledis_17/Twitter)
K-pop group SEVENTEEN sell out two-day fanmeet in Japan (Image via @pledis_17/Twitter)

The Darl+ing superstars SEVENTEEN have sold out their two-day Japanese fanmeet Hanabi, as reported by Korean news outlet Sports Kyunghyang. The venue for the fanmeet is Saitama Super Arena. The venue has 30,000 seats available each day. Selling 60k seats for a Japanese fanmeet is an incredible feat and by pulling this off, the thirteen-member K-pop group has proved their global prominence yet again.

The Attacca group has five albums with over one million physical sales each. The group’s fandom, CARATs, recently had an incredible time when they performed their fanmeet, SVT in CARATLAND, in March this year.

Currently, the group’s mysterious teasers with the tagline, “I’m NOT SEVENTEEN anymore,” is creating a buzz on the internet as fans try to come up with theories.

CARATs sell out SEVENTEEN’s Japanese fanmeet Hanabi with over 60k seats

The third-generation prominent boy group SEVENTEEN has once again achieved an incredible feat. This time, the group has sold approximately 60,000 seats at the Saitama Super Arena for their two-day Japanese fanmeet, HANABI. The event is scheduled to take place on May 7 and 8 and is completely sold out.

The Saitama Super Arena has a capacity of 37,000. However, it may have decreased to around 30,000 due to COVID regulations. Nevertheless, the Rock with You group selling 60,000 tickets in Japan has made headlines across domestic news outlets. The tickets are a testament to the group’s widespread reach and global fanbase.

Titled SEVENTEEN 2022 JAPAN FANMEETING ‘HANABI’, the event will be held on May 7 and 8 in the city of Saitama. It will be the group’s first offline performance in Japan since the ODE TO YOU world tour was held in October 2019. It will also be the group’s first overseas concert in nearly two years.

For the CARATs who will not be able to attend Japan’s fan meeting in person, the concert on the second day of the event will be streamed live. Additionally, fans can also wear their love for the group on their sleeves, quite literally, as PLEDIS Entertainment will host a pop-up store with official fanmeet merchandise.

The fanmeet merchandise includes acrylic keyrings, postcard sets, hoop earrings, cold cups, trading card sets, binders, lightsticks, and many more things.

Meanwhile, the Attacca group has been posting mysterious solo member teasers for their upcoming fourth studio album, Face the Sun. The hit song Darl+ing was the pre-release song from this album. Face the Sun will be released on May 27, 2022 at 1:00 pm KST.

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