5 funniest Going Seventeen episodes

A behind-the-scenes from Going Seventeen's Four Wheeled Rider (Image via PLEDIS Entertainment)
A behind-the-scenes from Going Seventeen's Four Wheeled Rider (Image via PLEDIS Entertainment)

Going Seventeen (or GoSe in short) was released in 2017 to explore behind-the-scenes of SEVENTEEN concerts, music video recordings, and fan meetings, among other events. With a bit of tweaking from the production team's side, it has evolved into an entertaining, hilarious, and chaotic weekly variety show.

Each Going Seventeen season begins with the members planning the episodes. The group will carve out rough episode arcs for all thirteen of them, which the production team refines and designs proper episodes out of.

With its own theme song produced by the 13-member group, Going Seventeen has amassed a mammoth 260 million views in 2020 and 2021 alone. The viewership of the variety web series transcends K-pop fandoms, which establishes its universal appeal.

The most hilarious Going Seventeen episodes so far

The GoSe production team comes up with creative concepts like making the eldest members run a restaurant or sending members into a horror house in small groups. The producers' ingenuity is a constant source of laughter for fans.

Here are the 5 funniest Going Seventeen episodes so far.

1) SVTSIDE OUT I (Seventeen Side-out)


The Going Seventeen producers referred to Pixar's Inside Out for this episode. Seungkwan was not present when SVTSIDE OUT was filmed. The producers recorded Seungkwan's various expressions and used his absence as the focal point of the episode.

The other twelve members had to move according to these expressions. As the production team intimated them of the change, SEVENTEEN had to behave accordingly.

The sudden shifting of expressions had the members aggressively complimenting each other and laughing even when they were scared of certain activities.

The icing on the cake was THE8 furiously asking Dino to sit down when the maknae offered to help the elder member fetch drinks. Other members scolded Dino, who indignantly said he would go, making everyone lose character and burst out laughing.

2) The Tag #2


The concept of The Tag episodes was the members going into a haunted escape room while split into teams. They had to find the exit door key while being pursued by actors posing as "murderers."

After several rounds of anxious Rock Paper Scissors, the self-proclaimed cowards, S.Coups and DK, ended up together. During their turn inside the building, the pair locked themselves in a room, screaming their heads off after one of the "murderers" followed them. The situation got funnier when they stepped out of the locked room, and S.Coups tried to protect DK from a "murderer."

Other highlights were THE8 scaring and befriending the "murderers" and Hoshi giving two of them a tutorial on Left & Right's point choreography before the song's release.

3) TTT #2 (Hyperrealism Ver.)


TTT is SEVENTEEN's version of an outrageous college farewell trip. In 2020, the production team decided to make it as "realistic" as possible. This meant that there would be no games other than those the members themselves started and no planned activities.

The concept has been repeated every year since Going Seventeen's inception - because when the Very Nice group is with each other, chaos reigns supreme. The members cooked food for each other, played loud games and sang karaoke all night long.

The Rock with You group's "official" Hongsam game was entertaining, with every member's competitive spirit shining through. Hilarious editing, along with the next day's calm and quiet, makes this episode a fun watch.

4) Let's Go! SEVENTEEN #2


Let's Go! SEVENTEEN is a throwback to all the extremely competitive sporting events from school. After forming teams in the first episode, this episode has members from each team competing to complete the obstacle course in the least amount of time.

The course had everyone out of breath when they completed it - no matter how fit or competitive they were. Hoshi described it as performing 5 opening performances at a concert in one go.

Jeonghan and Dino's race had everyone in splits as the pair claimed they would observe a fair match but pushed each other from the get-go.


The final match, in which all the members from both teams participated, was the most chaotic. Almost everyone cheated, with Jeonghan jumping off the course to surprise the winner at the finish line.

5) Planting Rice and Making Bets #2


In Planting Rice and Making Bets, the 13 members had to plant rice saplings in a muddy field, wearing overalls and boots. The catch was that members who won the games by the production team would leave and watch the others suffer from a clean, dry spot.

The competitive Mansae group fought hard to get out of planting more saplings and made for humorous content. The high point of the episode was the karaoke, where Dino scored zero and Wonwoo scored a hundred. To celebrate, the usually quiet Wonwoo screamed louder than ever before, making all the members crack up.

Going Seventeen has received so much love and viewership that the fandom has its own name, CUBICs. These fans may not know of the Clap group outside of the series, but they enjoy it all the same.


SEVENTEEN is getting ready to make a comeback with an album in May. Prior to that, the group is set to release an English single titled Darl+ing, for which they have partnered with Apple.

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