5 streamers who disappeared off the face of the internet

Image Credits: shortyawards.com, forbes.com, thegamedial.com
Image Credits: shortyawards.com, forbes.com, thegamedial.com

In the past, we have seen a variety of streamer-related incidents that have had negative effects on their careers. Be it cheating, saying/doing embarrassing or wrong things, or simply ending up making a fool off themselves, streamers have done it all.

While at most times, they reignited their careers or at least survived in the competitive streaming world, that was not possible for a few. There have been lots of cases of streamers disappearing from the internet, which is what we discuss in this article.

Five streamers who disappeared off the face of the internet


Fe4Rless, whose real name is Ali, was a Fortnite YouTuber with a whopping 7.57 million subscribers on the platform. However, the game's fans will remember the rumors that persisted about his death after he seemed to have disappeared off the platform.

Fortunately, that was not true, and he returned to post a single video addressing the rumors about his 'death'. What does seem real, however, is the fact that he has pretty much stopped creating content. He does regularly post on Twitter if only to tell his fans about the various fake accounts that have cropped up under his name.

Regardless, he was one of the most prominent Fortnite streamers, and is a considerable loss to the community. You can watch his final video below.



Pokimane has only quit social media for a brief time. She cited reasons such as not having the opportunity to do the things that 'she used to love', and has promised a quick return to streaming.

Of course, mainstream internet has speculated that the recent controversies have undoubtedly played a role in her decision. You can see the announcement post on Twitter below. Of course, unlike other streamers on this list, we will see the star, real name Imane Anys, return soon.


ZilianOP, whose real name is Angel Hamilton, was a World of Warcraft streamer who apparently had a disability. He was once caught walking off-camera in the middle of one of his streams!

While he attempted to explain the situation, saying he had fallen off the camera, his career was as good as over. Since then, the former streamer has disappeared off the face of the internet, and his last Twitter post was back in 2016. Regardless, most streamers do not have a story as compelling as ZilianOP.

You can watch the incident in the video below.


Daequan Loco

Daequan Loco was one of the most prominent Fortnite streamers a year or so ago. The YouTuber was very honest about his health-related issues, and had taken breaks in the past as well.

Image Credits: dotesports.com
Image Credits: dotesports.com

This time, however, we are five months into his disappearance from all forms of social media. The last time he posted on both Twitter and Instagram was back when the coronavirus pandemic had just started. Fans around the world will be hoping that he returns to his glory days shortly.

TSM Hamlinz

Hamlinz, whose real name is Darryle Hamlin, was also one of the most notable streamers around. He rose to fame primarily because of his Fortnite-related skills. On YouTube, his last video was six months ago, while his previous Twitch stream was almost two years ago.

As it turns out, his disappearance might have something a lot to do with his grandfather’s demise, as it was around September 2018 that he stopped streaming on Twitch. You can see his post from back then below.

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