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5 times Twitch streamers fell asleep on stream

Asian Andy has made sleep streams a regular thing  (image via Asian Andy, Twitch)
Asian Andy has made sleep streams a regular thing (image via Asian Andy, Twitch)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 28 Mar 2021

Twitch streamers have created a new niche for themselves on the platform by popularizing the concept of "sleep streams."

The fad initially started as an accident. Tired Twitch streamers would often give in to their slumber, leading to their chat waking them up. This type of streaming content is a genre of its own now.

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5 times Twitch streamers slept on stream

#1 - Asian Andy

Hosting a deliberate "sleep stream," Asian Andy made more than $16,000 overnight as his chat trolled him while he attempted to get a few winks in.

Keeping his donations on with text-to-speech and video playback enabled, Asian Andy was bombarded with loud and obnoxious messages. They stopped the streamer from getting more than a few seconds of rest at a time.


#2 - JustaMinx

Calling it a wholesome "sleepover stream" with her chat, Twitch star Justaminx was subjected to everything unholy as she tried to catch up on some rest.

Jumpscares, loud donations, songs, and even calls from fellow content creators kept Justaminx up until 6:00 a.m., a decision she has regretted ever since.

#3 - OMGchad

Variety streamer OMGchad was victim to the most unlikely scenario where his stream was started by his cat while he was trying to catch sleep.

The Twitch streamer claimed he had been testing out keybinds earlier in the day and went to sleep with the program open. This allowed his cat to step on the hotkey and start his stream.


#4 - YuriJoa

Streamer YuriJoa made the mistake of passing out in one of her "Just Chatting" streams in late 2020.

Peacefully catching a few moments of rest, the streamers fun was destined for a violent demise after a user donated an extremely loud ear-piercing sound clip that shocked her out of her slumber.

#5 - twomad

Popular Twitch streamer twomad tried his hand at a sleeping stream in mid-2020 to an audience of thousands. As expected, the stream did not bode well for twomad's sleep schedule as he was bombarded with donations, blaring sirens, and much more.

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Published 28 Mar 2021, 20:54 IST
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